Ninth European Powder Diffraction Conference : Prague, September 2-5, 2004.

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European Powder Diffraction Conference (9th : 2004 : Prague, Czech Republic)
Zeitschrift für Kristallographie. Supplement issue ; Number 23.
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Zeitschrift für Kristallographie. Supplement Volume 23 presents the complete Proceedings of all contributions to the IX European Powder Diffraction Conference in Prague 2004: Method Development and Application Instrumental Software Development Materials Supplement Series of Zeitschrift für Kristallographie publishes Proceedings and Abstracts of international conferences on the interdisciplinary field of crystallography.

IV.3 Metals and Alloys
Study of martensitic transformation in fatigued stainless steel by neutron diffraction stress analysis / Taran, Yu. V. / Daymond, M. R. / Oliver, E. C. / Schreiber, J.
The evaluation of the kinetics of ordering processes in Ni1+δSn (δ = 0.35, 0.50) by X-ray powder diffraction / Leineweber, A. / Mittemeijer, E.J.
In situ neutron diffraction study of the low cycle fatigue of the α−γ duplex stainless steel / Lukáš, P. / Muránsky, O. / Polák, J. / Jenčuš, P.
SANS investigation of precipitate microstructure in nickel-base superalloys Waspaloy and DT750 / Strunz, P. / Zrník, J. / Seliga, T. / Penkalla, H. J.
Diffraction analysis of iron materials after surface machining / Čerňanský, M. / Ganev, N. / Barcal, J. / Drahokoupil, J. / Kolařík, K.
Non-destructive phase analysis and residual stresses measurement using grazing angle X-ray diffraction geometry / Skrzypek, S. J. / Jeleńkowski, J. / Borowski, T. / Ratuszek, W. / Wierzchoń, T.
Thermal stability of the microstructure of severely deformed copper / Balogh, L. / Gubicza, J. / Hellmig, R. J. / Estrin, Y. / Ungár, T.
Archaeometric study of Dutch Tin-Lead spoon fragments from Amsterdam: 1500-1775 AD. A neutron diffraction study / Visser, D. / Kockelmann, W. / Hallebeek, P. / Veerkamp, J. / Krook, W.
Characterisation of radiation-induced precipitates in reactor pressure vessel steels / Šaroun, J. / Kočík, J. / Garcia-Matres, E. / Muraňský, O. / Strunz, P.
Structure analysis of NiZr2 in reciprocal and real space / Mattern, N. / Sakowski, J. / Baehtz, C.
In situ high temperature XRD studies of the crystallisation of melt-spun Mg77Ni18Y5 / Teresiak, A. / Gebert, A. / Savyak, M. / Mattern, N. / Uhlemann, M.
Complex intermetallic compounds in the Mg-Ir system solved by powder diffraction / Černý, Radovan / Renaudin, Guillaume / Tokaychuk, Yaroslav / Favre-Nicolin, Vincent
IV.4 Minerals and Inorganics
IV.4.1 Structural Changes, Non-Ambient Conditions
Low temperature SR-XRPD study of åkermanite-gehlenite solid solution / Merlini, M. / Gemmi, M. / Artioli, G.
Study of the structural evolution and selectivity of Wyoming montmorillonite in relation with the concentration of Cu2+ and Ni2+ / Oueslati, W. / Ben Rhaiem, H. / Karmous, M.S. / Naaman, S. / Ben Haj Amara, A.
The interlayer structure and thermal behavior of Cu and Ni montmorillonites / Karmous, M. S. / Ben Rhaiem, H. / Naamen, S. / Oueslati, W. / Ben Haj Amara, A.
Structural characterisation of hightemperature K-exchanged sodalite / Dapiaggi, M. / Artioli, G. / Mazzocchia, C. / Merlini, M.
A time-resolved X-ray powder diffraction method to trace the decomposition of PdBy solid solutions / Berger, T. G. / Leineweber, A. / Mittemeijer, E. J. / Knapp, M.
γʹ-Fe4N formation in decomposing ε-Fe3N: A powder diffraction study using synchrotron radiation / Liapina, T. / Leineweber, A. / Mittemeijer, E. J. / Knapp, M. / Baehtz, C. / Liu, Z. Q. / Mitsuishi, K. / Furuya, K.
X - ray powder diffraction study of leucite crystallisation / Novotna, M. / Maixner, J.
Neutron diffraction structure study of borosilicate based matrix glasses / Fábián, M. / Sváb, E. / Mészáros, Gy. / Kőszegi, L. / Temleitner, L. / Veress, E.
Neutron diffraction studies of temperature induced phase transitions in Rb2KFeF6 elpasolite / Vasilovsky, S. G. / Sikolenko, V. V. / Beskrovny, A. I. / Belushkin, A. V. / Flerov, I. N. / Tressaud, A. / Balagurov, A. M.
IV.4.2 Determination of Crystal Structure
Cation distribution in Li2M(II)Sn3O8, M(II) = Mg, Co, Fe / Trendafilova, T. / Kovacheva, D. / Petrov, K. / Hewat, A.
Crystal structure of the monoclinic Ba2MgSi2O7 persistent luminescence material / Aitasalo, T. / Hölsä, J. / Laamanen, T. / Lastusaari, M. / Lehto, L. / Niittykoski, J. / Pellé, F.
Cation distributions in fully hydrated Sr-and Rb- bicationic zeolites: an X-ray anomalous powder diffraction study / Palancher, H. / Pichon, C. / Hodeau, J. L. / Bérar, J. F. / Lynch, J. / Rebours, B. / Rodriguez-Carvajal, J.
Model of structure disorder of illite: preliminary results / Ferrari, S. / Gualtieri, A. F. / Grathoff, G. H. / Leoni, M.
XRD study of the stacking mode of the nacrite/alkali halides complexes / Naamen, S. / Ben Rhaïem, H. / Karmous, M. S. / Ben Haj Amara, A.
Crystal structure determination and Rietveld refinement of rosasite and mcguinnessite / Perchiazzi, N.
Rietveld analysis of polytypic Zn1−xMgxSe and Zn1−x−yMgxBeySe solid solutions / Minikayev, R. / Paszkowicz, W. / Firszt, F. / Męczyńska, H. / Marasek, A.
A proposition for the structure of ammonium hydrogen (acid) urate from uroliths / Friedel, P. / Bergmann, J. / Kleeberg, R. / Schubert, G.
X-ray powder diffraction data of synthetic ß- Tricalcium Phosphate / Ermrich, M. / Peters, F.
Distribution of sodium cations and chemisorbed methyl groups in the structure of NaX and NaLSX zeolite catalysts by powder neutron diffraction and 13C NMR / Vratislav, S. / Dlouhá, M. / Bosáček, V.
IV.4.3 Determination of Magnetic Structure, Magnetic Materials
Structural and magnetic study of magnetoelectric perovskite Sr2CoMoO6 / Ivanov, S. A. / Eriksson, S.-G. / Tellgren, R. / Rundlöf, H. / Tssegai, M.
Crystal structure and magnetism of Pr[Fe(CN)6]·4D2O / Kavečanský, V. / Mihalik, M. / Maťaš, S. / Mitróová, Z. / Lukáčová, M.
IV.4.4 Microstructure, Phase Analysis
Microstructure of crystalline phases in electrotechnical porcelains / Amigó, J. M. / Serrano, F. J. / Kojdecki, M. A. / Bastida, J. / Esteve, V. / Reventós, M. M.
Micro(nano)structure of the glacial state in triphenyl phosphite (TPP) / Derollez, P. / Hédoux, A. / Guinet, Y. / Lefebvre, J. / Descamps, M. / Hernandez, O.
Correlation between texture and tabletting properties of some pharmaceutical tablets / Koivisto, M. / Suihko, E. / Lehto, V.-P.
Incrustation of precious stones in dental apatite / Bucio, L. / Belío-Reyes, I. A. / Rodríguez, J. A. / Orta, M. N. / Arenas-Alatorre, J. / Magaña, C. / Velázquez, R.
Microstructural analysis of ZnO from different aqueous synthesis routes / Vanhoyland, G. / Mondelaers, D. / Van den Rul, H. / D'Haen, J. / Van Poucke, L.C. / Mullens, J.
The effect of Al and Gd doping on the structure, microstructure and thermal expansion of gallium nitride (GaN) / Heiba, Z. K. / Ahmed, Sameh / Abo-Shama, Ali / El-Sayed, Karimat
Quantitative phase analysis of ordinary Portland cements using synchrotron radiation powder diffraction / De la Torre, A. G. / Cabeza, A. / Losilla, E. R. / Aranda, M. A. G.
IV.5 Organic Materials
Ab initio structure determination of two anhydrous forms of α-lactose by powder X-ray diffraction / Platteau, C. / Lefebvre, J. / Hemon, S. / Affouard, F. / Willart, J. F. / Derollez, P.
Structure determination of 1-pentanol (C5H12O) at 183 K / Ramírez-Cardona, M. / Escamilla-Casas, J. C. / Cuevas-Diarte, M. A. / Barajas-Rosales, I.
Crystallographic texture changes of wood due to air parameter variations / Bonarski, J. T. / Olek, W.
Poly(ethylene glycol) interactions with proteins / Hašek, J.
Author Index
Preface: Condensation of Scientific Knowledge on Powder Diffraction
Editorial Notes
European Powder Diffraction Conference Award
Table of Contents
I.1 Determination of Crystal Structure
Protein polycrystallography / Von Dreele, R. B. / Lee, P. L. / Zhang, Y.
Using the parallel tempering algorithm to overcome complex problems in structure determination of inorganic materials with laboratory X-rays / Bataille, T. / Mahé, N. / Le Fur, E. / Pivan, J.-Y. / Louër, D.
Molecular crystal structures from powder X-ray diffraction techniques / Cheung, Eugene Y. / Harris, Kenneth D.M.
On the uncertainty of lattice parameters refined from neutron diffraction data / Peplinski, B. / Többens, D. M. / Kockelmann, W. / Ibberson, R. M.
I.2 Qualitative and Quantitative Phase Analysis
Application of the Rietveld method to the severely superimposed diffraction patterns of technical products containing a large number of solid solution phases / Peplinski, B. / Köcher, P. / Kley, G.
Application of X-ray diffraction in forensic science / Kotrlý, Marek
I.3 Analysis of Microstructure and Macrostress
I.3.1 Residual Stresses
Diffraction stress analysis of grain interaction in polycrystalline materials / Welzel, U. / Fréour, S. / Kumar, A. / Mittemeijer, E. J.
Accurate absolute peak positions for multiple {hkl} residual stress analysis by means of misalignment corrections / Vermeulen, Arnold C.
Diffraction stress analysis of strongly fibre-textured gold layers / Kumar, A. / Welzel, U. / Mittemeijer, E.J.
Residual stress measurement of gold artefacts by Debye ring analysis / Zanola, P. / Benedetti, D. / Bontempi, E. / Villa, V. / Baronio, G. / Tosti, M. / Roberti, R. / Depero, L. E.
X-ray residual stress measurement in titanium nitride thin films / Dopita, M. / Rafaja, D.
I.3.2 Line Broadening Analysis
Dislocation line broadening / Kužel, R.
Considerations concerning Wilkens' theory of dislocation line-broadening / Armstrong, N. / Leoni, M. / Scardi, P.
Momentum method applied to evaluation of size and strain in ball-milled iron / Borbély, A. / Révész, A. / Groma, I.
Microstructure of severely deformed metals from X-ray line profile analysis / Gubicza, J. / Nam, N. H. / Máthis, K. / Stolyarov, V. V.
Burgers Vector Populations in hot rolled titanium determined by X-ray Peak Profile Analysis / Dragomir, I. C. / Castello-Branco, G. A. / Ribarik, G. / Garmestani, H. / Ungar, T. / Snyder, R. L.
Spatial fluctuations of the microstructure during deformation of Cu single crystals / Kerber, M. / Schafler, E. / Hanak, P. / Ribàrik, G. / Bernstorff, S. / Ungàr, T. / Zehetbauer, M.
Analysis of polydisperse ball-milled fluorite powders using a full pattern technique / Leoni, M. / De Giudici, G. / Biddau, R. / D'Incau, M. / Scardi, P.
Anisotropic microstrain broadening due to compositional inhomogeneities and its parametrisation / Leineweber, A. / Mittemeijer, E. J.
X-ray diffraction from epitaxial thin films: an analytical expression of the line profiles accounting for microstructure / Boulle, A. / Guinebretière, R. / Dauger, A.
Microstructure of post-deformed ECAPTi investigated by Multiple X-Ray Line Profile Analysis / Schafler, E. / Nyilas, K. / Bernstorff, S. / Zeipper, L. / Zehetbauer, M. / Ungàr, T.
The Dislocation-Structure and Crystallite- Size in Forsterite (Olivine) Deformed at 1400 °C by 11 GPa / Nyilas, Krisztián / Couvy, Hélène / Cordier, Patrick / Ungár, Tamás
Diffuse X-ray scattering from GaN/SiC (0001) thin films / Daniš, S. / Holý, V.
Test of applicability of some powder diffraction tools to nanocrystals / Kaszkur, Z.
Influence of coherent connection of crystalline blocks on the diffraction pattern of nanostructured materials / Cherepanova, S.V. / Tsybulya, S.V.
I.4 Texture
Automated Crystal Orientation Measurement by backscatter Kikuchi diffraction / Schwarzer, Robert A.
A simple technique for correcting diffraction intensities for the effects of preferred orientation in calcite samples / Battaglia, S. / Leoni, L.
Influence of extinction phenomenon on determination of the orientation distribution function / Gómez-Gasga, G. / Kryshtab, T. / Palacios-Gómez, J. / Ita de la Torre, A. de
First test measurements at the new structure powder diffractometer (SPODI) at the FRM-II / Gilles, R. / Hoelzel, M. / Schlapp, M. / Elf, F. / Krimmer, B. / Boysen, H. / Fuess, H.
EXED - the new Extreme Environment Diffractometer at the Hahn-Meitner-Institut Berlin / Peters, J. / Lieutenant, K. / Clemens, D. / Mezei, F.
R2D2: a new neutron powder diffractometer at NFL / Wannberg, A. / Grönros, M. / Mellergård, A. / Karlsson, L-E. / Delaplane, R. G. / Lebech, B.
Bent perfect crystal monochromator at the monochromatic focusing condition / Choi, Y. N. / Kim, S. A. / Kim, S. K. / Kim, S. B. / Lee, C. H. / Mikula, P. / Vrána, M.
Multiple-reflection neutron bent-perfect-crystal (BPC) monochromator / Mikula, P. / Vrána, M. / Wagner, V.
Wavelength calibration in conventional SANS setup with a mechanical velocity selector / Almásy, L. / Len, A. / Markó, M. / Rétfalvi, E.
Neutron RTOF diffractometer FSD for residual stress investigation / Balagurov, A. M. / Bokuchava, G. D. / Kuzmin, E. S. / Tamonov, A. V. / Zhuk, V. V.
Indexing with the successive dichotomy method, DICVOL04 / Louër, D. / Boultif, A.
Powder3D: An easy to use program for data reduction and graphical presentation of large numbers of powder diffraction patterns / Hinrichsen, B. / Dinnebier, R. E. / Jansen, M.
BRASS, the Bremen Rietveld analysis and structure suite / Birkenstock, J. / Fischer, R.X. / Messner, T.
FAULTS, a new program for refinement of powder diffraction patterns from layered structures / Casas-Cabanas, M. / Rodríguez-Carvajal, J. / Palacín, M.R.
PM2K: a flexible program implementing Whole Powder Pattern Modelling / Leoni, M. / Confente, T. / Scardi, P.
Calculating the peak shape of axially focussing powder diffractometers / Többens, D. M.
IV.1 Thin Layers
X-ray scattering from interface dislocations in highly mismatched oxide epitaxial films / Guinebretière, R. / Boulle, A. / Masson, O. / Dauger, A.
Influence of magnetron sputtering conditions on the parameters of TiN coatings on steel substrates / Mirchev, R. / Antonov, V. / Iordanova, I. / Kelly, P. J.
Structural and microstructural characterisation of ZrN coatings for decorative applications / Zanola, P. / Bontempi, E. / Gelfi, M. / Tosti, M. / Roberti, R. / Depero, L. E.
Chalcogenide films on glass substrate as attenuators of X-ray radiation / Lukić, S. R. / Petrović, D. M. / Štrbac, G. R. / Štrbac, D. D.
Effect of annealing conditions on structural transformation of ZnS thin film / Kryshtab, T. / Palacios Gómez, J. / Mazin, M.
Electrocrystallization of Pt layers onto Au substrates; an X-ray diffraction study / Molina, I. Yu. / Plyasova, L. M. / Cherepanova, S. V. / Savinova, E. R. / Tsirlina, G. A.
Residual stress mapping in the zirconia electrolyte layer of a high-temperature solid oxide fuel cell / Fischer, Werner / Blass, Günther
Ultrashort period Cu/Si and Ni/C multilayers for X-ray mirrors / Jergel, M. / Ožvold, M. / Senderák, R. / Luby, Š. / Majková, E.
IV.2 Nanocrystalline Materials
Microstructure of nanocrystalline materials studied by powder diffraction
Preparation and characterization of isometric gold nanoparticles with pre-calculated size / Šlouf, M. / Kužel, R. / Matěj, Z.
Bulk characterization of multiwall carbon nanotubes / Oddershede, Jette / Ståhl, Kenny
Neutron diffraction studies of the atomic vibrations of bulk and surface atoms of nanocrystalline SiC / Stel'makh, S. / Grzanka, E. / Zhao, Y. / Palosz, W. / Palosz, B.
Phase transition in nanocrystalline ZnO / Grzanka, E. / Gierlotka, S. / Stelmakh, S. / Palosz, B. / Strachowski, T. / Swiderska-Sroda, A. / Kalisz, G. / Lojkowski, W. / Porsch, F.
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