Business miscellany [electronic resource].

Economist Books Staff Corporate Author
London : Profile Books, 2005.
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Business -- Miscellanea.
Electronic books.
Talking about aspects of business, this title covers: the world's most valuable brands; admired companies; what chief executives get paid; games directors play; notable bankruptcies; famous bubbles that burst; business blunders; business rogues; the utter awfulness of jargon used in business; and advice on business etiquette around the world.
Preliminaries; Contents; When firms started; Oldest family firms; Oldest newspapers still in circulation; The business press; The world's biggest firms; America's biggest firms; Big firms big facts; Behind the corporate name; America's biggest bankruptcies; Selling off state assets; Business blunders; Big bucks; The world's most valuable brands; The world's most admired companies; Britain's most admired companies; What companies say about themselves; Games directors play; Business friendliness; How competitive; Easy money; Business cycles; Business start ups and failures
Corruption business perceptionsBusiness ratios; Entrepreneurial activity; Business costs; The changing workforce; Days lost in strikes and lockouts; Labour union strength; Changes in working hours; Biggest business employers; International pay comparisons; What CEOs get paid; US chief executive pay; Leading Wall Street traders salaries; City of London bonuses; Investment bankers pay; Best paid hedge fund managers in the US; A world of lawyers; The number of accountants; Women in business; Tall buildings; Big shopping malls; Spending on advertising; Some famous advertising slogans
Some business giants of the pastSome management styles; Philanthropy; The richest people; Central bankers since 1900; In their own words; Bad boys and something fishy; Leading management thinkers; The oldest stock exchanges; Leading stockmarkets; Some stockmarket indices explained; Stockmarket performance; Stockmarkets the best and worst of times; Clocking the stockmarkets; Investment formulas; Private equity; Hedge funds; Bonds; Bubbles that burst; Oil reserves and prices; Gold reserves and prices; Gold facts; Rich producers; Diamond and platinum facts; Behind the currency name
Some money superlativesOffshore attractions; Notes and coins in circulation; Euros printed; The life of and notes; Exchange rates; Exchange rate pegs; The changing world economy; Leading exporters; Foreign direct investment; Sending money home; Interest rates; Corporate tax rates; What companies pay in tax; What individuals pay in tax; How taxing for top earners; Wealth and debt; Great business books; Latin that lawyers like to use; What's in a word; Brand names that entered the language; Business jargon; Top grossing films of all time; Business laws and principles; Top business schools
Business school costs and rewardsFrom PCs to PDAs; Chip power; Computer processing costs; The impact of software piracy; Spam and e mail; Pod facts; Internet suffixes; Internet usage; Internet growth; Blogs away; Telephony; Air miles to go; Vehicle production; The price of petrol; Pedal power; Ship ahoy; Runway popularity; Inventors and inventions; Famous patents; Business etiquette
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