Squirrels [electronic resource] : the animal answer guide / Richard W. Thorington, Jr., and Katie Ferrell.

Thorington, Richard W.
Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2006.
1 online resource (208 p.)

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""Contents""; ""Acknowledgments""; ""Introduction""; ""1 Introducing Squirrels""; ""What are squirrels?""; ""How many kinds of squirrels are there?""; ""Where do squirrels live?""; ""Why are there no flying or ground squirrels in South America?""; ""How are squirrels classified?""; ""What is the current classification of squirrels?""; ""What characterizes the major groups of squirrels?""; ""When did squirrels evolve?""; ""What is the oldest fossil squirrel?""; ""2 Form and Function""; ""What are the largest and smallest squirrels?""; ""How fast does a squirrel�s heart beat?""
""Can squirrels see color?""""Do all squirrels have cheek pouches?""; ""Can squirrels swim?""; ""How far can squirrels jump?""; ""Do squirrels fly?""; ""What are the largest and smallest flying squirrels?""; ""How do you make a flying squirrel? ""; ""How far can flying squirrels glide?""; ""How can you determine whether a fossil squirrel was a tree squirrel, a flying squirrel, or a ground squirrel?""; ""3 Coat Color and Squirrel Genetics""; ""What species are the black squirrels I see?""; ""What species is the red squirrel?""; ""What causes the different coat colors of squirrels?""
""How are hair colors determined genetically?""""What about patterns of coat color?""; ""Are there age-related differences in coat color?""; ""Are there seasonal differences in coat color?""; ""Is there much geographic variation in squirrel species?""; ""4 Squirrel Behavior""; ""Are squirrels social?""; ""Do squirrels fight?""; ""How smart are squirrels?""; ""Do squirrels play?""; ""Do squirrels talk?""; ""How do squirrels avoid predators?""; ""5 Squirrel Ecology""; ""Where do squirrels sleep?""; ""Do squirrels migrate?""; ""How many squirrel species coexist in a forest?""
""Why are there so many more species of squirrels in African and Asian forests?""""How do squirrels survive in the desert?""; ""How do squirrels survive the winter?""; ""What is hibernation?""; ""Do squirrels have enemies?""; ""Why do squirrels commit infanticide?""; ""Do squirrels get sick?""; ""How do squirrels influence vegetation?""; ""6 Reproduction and Development""; ""How do squirrels reproduce?""; ""How long are female squirrels pregnant?""; ""Where do mother squirrels give birth?""; ""How many babies do squirrels have?""; ""Are all littermates equally related?""
""How long do female squirrels nurse their young?""""How fast do squirrels grow?""; ""How long do squirrels live?""; ""7 Foods and Feeding""; ""What do squirrels eat?""; ""How do squirrels open hard nuts?""; ""Do all squirrels bury their food?""; ""How does the squirrel decide what food to store?""; ""How do squirrels find the food they have buried?""; ""8 Squirrels and Humans""; ""Do squirrels make good pets?""; ""Should people feed squirrels?""; ""Do squirrels feel pain?""; ""What do I do if I find an injured or orphaned squirrel?""; ""How can I become a better observer of squirrels?""
""How do I know whether I have flying squirrels in my backyard?""
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Includes bibliographical references (p. [165]-177) and index.
Ferrell, Katie, 1974-