A history of Greece : from the time of Solon to 403 B.C. / George Grote ; condensed and edited by J.M. Mitchell and M.O.B. Caspari ; with a new introduction by Paul Cartledge.

Grote, George, 1794-1871., author.
London ; New York : Routledge, 2001.
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History of Greece. Selections
Greece -- History -- To 146 B.C.
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Updated with a new introduction by Paul Cartledge, A History of Greece is both one of the greatest modern works of historical interpretation and scholarship and relevant to ongoing debates over democracy in our times.
Book Cover; Title; Contents; Introduction by Paul Cartledge; Biographical Sketch; Editors' Preface; Summary of Omissions; Early Attica (Editorial); Solonian Laws and Constitution; Grecian Affairs during the Government of Peisistratus; Grecian Affairs after the Expulsion of the Peisistratids Revolution of Kleisthens and Establishment of Democracy at Athens; Ionian Greeks Rise of the Persian Empire; Ionic Revolt; From the Ionic Revolt to the Battle of Marathon; From the Battle of Marathon to the March of Xerxs against Greece
Proceedings in Greece from the Battle of Marathon to the Time of the Battle of ThermopylBattles of Thermopyl and Artemisium; Battle of Salamis Retreat of Xerxs; Battles of Plata and Mykale Final Repulse of the Persians; Events in Sicily down to the Expulsion of the Gelonian Dynasty and the Establishment of Popular Governments; From the Battles of Plata and Mykal down to the Deaths of Themistokls and Aristeids; Proceedings of the Confederacy under Athens as Head First Formation of the Athenian Empire; Constitutional and Judicial Changes at Athens under Perikles
From the Thirty Years' Truce, Fourteen Years before the Peloponnesian War, down to the Blockade of Potida, in the Year before the Peloponnesian WarFrom the Blockade of Potida down to the End of the First Year of the PeloponnesianWar; From the Beginning of the Second Year down to the End of the Third Year of the War; From the Commencement of the Fourth Year of the War down to the Revolutionary Commotions at Korkyra; From the Troubles in Korkyra, in the Fifth Year of the War, down to the End of the Sixth Year; Seventh Year of the War Capture of Sphakteria; Eighth Year of the War
Truce for One Year Peace of NikiasFrom the Peace of Nikias to the Olympic Festival of Olympiad 90; From the Festival of Olympiad 90 down to the Battle of Mantineia; Sicilian Affairs after the Extinction of the Gelonian Dynasty; From the Resolution of the Athenians to attack Syracuse down to the First Winter after their Arrival in Sicily; From the Commencement of the Siege of Syracuse by Nikias down to the Second Athenian Expedition under Demosthenes; From the Resumption of Direct Hostilities between Athens and Sparta down to the Destruction of the Athenian Armament in Sicily
From the Destruction of the Athenian Armament in Sicily down to the Oligarchical Conspiracy of the Four Hundred at AthensTwenty-first Year of the War Oligarchy of Four Hundred at Athens; The Restored Athenian Democracy down to the Arrival of Cyrus the Younger in Asia Minor; From the Arrival of Cyrus down to the Battle of Arginus; From the Battle of Arginus to the Restoration of the Democracy, after the Expulsion of the Thirty; Index
Includes bibliographical references and index.
A one volume abridgement of Grote's 10 volume history.
Mitchell, J. M. (John Malcolm), 1879-
Cary, M. (Max), 1881-1958.
Cartledge, Paul.
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10.4324/9780203425848 doi