Scientific Detectors for Astronomy [electronic resource] : The Beginning of a New Era / edited by Paola Amico, James W. Beletic, Jenna E. Beletic.

Dordrecht : Springer Netherlands, 2004.
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Dear Friends, It seems like it was only yesterday that we drove the last of you to the airport. The memories and the spirit of the Scientific Detectors for Astronomy Workshop (SDW2002) remain fresh and strong. For us, this was a very special event, a great gathering of what may be one of the friendliest and most cooperative technical communities on our little planet. We have tried to capture the spirit of the Workshop in these Proceedings and we hope you are able to relive your week in Hawaii. For those readers who did not attend, we invite you into this community. As you probably noticed, there is a new name on the cover: Jenna Beletic was the ace up our sleeve for these Proceedings. As a summer intern at Keck, she took up the task of organizing, proofreading, editing and formatting the papers. She also made the graphics (her artistic talents shine on pages xxxiii and xxxv), contacted authors and prepared the mountain of paperwork which goes with producing a book. Jenna’s enthusiasm at learning, her passion for the job and creativity (e. g. find 100 ways to get Paola and Jim to do their jobs) have been a motivating addition to our team of “old workshop foxes”…… and a source for a good deal of paternal pride. We are honoured to have her as a fellow editor.
A Golden Era for Astronomy: The Advent of CCDS and Infrared Arrays
A Golden Era for Astronomy: The Advent of CCDS and Infrared Arrays
Detector Manufacturers
Overview of Astronomy Arrays at Raytheon Infrared Operations (RIO)
A New Photon Counting Detector: Intensified CMOS-APS
Preliminary Test Measurements of the SPAD Array
Preliminary Characterization of Two High-Speed, Back-Illuminated CCD Image Sensors
Broadband (200–1000 NM) Back-Illuminated CCD Imagers
Orion: A 1–5 Micron Focal Plane for the 21st Century
Performance of 5 Micron, Molecular Beam Epitaxy HgCdTe Sensor Chip Assemblies (SCAs) for the NGST Mission and Ground-Based Astronomy
Cosmic Rays and Other Nonsense in Astronomical CCD Imagers
An Overview of CCD Development at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Scientific CMOS Pixels
Secrets of E2V Technologies CCDs
Progress in Ultra-Low Noise Hybrid and Monolithic FPAs for Visible and Infrared
A Marconi CCD42-40 with Anti-Blooming
Very Large Format Back Illuminated CCDS
Compound Semiconductor Detectors
Optical Photon-Counting STJ Activities at ESA
Silicon-on-Insulator-Based Single-Chip Image Sensors
Large Format and Scientific Detectors at Fairchild Imaging
HgCdTe Detectors for the Hubble Space Telescope Wide Field Camera 3 IR Channel
CMOS Active Pixel Sensor Developments at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Observatory Status/Plans
Eso’s Optical Detector Systems in the VLT Operations Era
The Detector Systems of the Keck Observatory: UV to 25 Microns
IR Detector Developments at Eso
Controller Developments
Detector Work at the UKATC
CCD Camera Systems for the GTC
Detectors at CTIO: Present Status and Future Plans
Strange Happenings in the Dungeons
NOAO Observatory Plans
MONSOON Image Acquisition System
Improved CCD Detectors for High Speed, Charge Exchange Spectroscopy Studies on the DIII-D Tokamak
A CCD Wavefront Sensing System for the ESO Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics Demonstrator (MAD)
CFHT’s Skyprobe: True Atmospheric Attenuation Measurement in the Telescope Field
CFHT’s Flyeyes: Assessing On-sky Performance of the New MIT/LL CCID-35 CCD Curvature Wavefront Sensor
Ultra-Clean CCD Cryostats
The Impact of Astronomy Technologies on Chemical Analysis
A CCD-based Curvature Wavefront Sensor for Adaptive Optics in Astronomy
Performance and Results of the NAOS Visible Wavefront Sensor
Fabry Perot Observations Using a New GaAs Photon Counting System
Near IR Fringe Tracking for VLTI: the FINITO Detection System
OSIRIS Detectors
The Optimized Cryostat for the LBC Camera
The Omegacam Shutter
Ultra-Deep Optical Spectroscopy with PMAS
The Tololo all Sky Camera
The Orthogonal Parallel Imaging Transfer Camera
Giga-Pixels and Sky Surveys
The Hubble Space Telescope Wide Field Camera 3 Instrument Charge-Coupled Device Detectors
Camera and Detector Development in the Space Science and Technology Department of the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Compact CCD Camera
The Design and Testing of a Cryogenic Pre-amplifier for the Rockwell HAWAII and HAWAII-II Detector Arrays
The New Generation CCD Controller: First Results
ISPI Software
Compact CCD Guider Camera for Magelian
Readout Techniques for Drift and Low Frequency Noise Rejection in Infrared Arrays
AzCam: A Windows-Based CCD/CMOS Client/Server Data Acquisition System
Upgrade of Eso’s Fiera CCD Controller and Pulpo Subsystem
An Optimized Data Acquisition System Without Reset Anomaly for the Hawaii and Hawaii-2 Arrays
GTC Acquisition Cameras and Wavefront Sensors
A New CCD Controller at UCO/Lich Observatory
The use of ASIC Thecnology in the Development of Compact, Low-Power CCD Cameras
Detector Testing and Characterization
Characterization of the Si: As Blocked Impurity Band (BIB) Detector in Keck’s Long Wavelength Spectrometer (LWS)
Characterizing the CCDS of the Omegacam Wide-Angle Camera
Emir HAWAII-2 Detector Test Bench
Emir HAWAII-II First Test Results
Test Results with 2K×2K MCT Arrays
The HAWAII-2 2048×2048 HgCdTe Detector Arrays
How Accurate Are QE Measurements?
Focal Plane Mosaics
The Electronic Controller of the 40 CCDS MegaCam Mosaic
Design of the CRIRES 512×4096 Pixel Aladdin InSB Focal Plane Array Detector Mosaic
Performance of HAWAII-2 FPA for Subaru Multi-Object Near-Infrared Camera and Spectrograph
Wide Field Focal Plane Arrays for UKIRT and VISTA
Fully Buttable Imagers
Mosaic Focal Plane Development
Space Missions
In-flight Performance of the Advanced Camera for Surveys CCDS
On the Implementation and Calibration of the Focal Plane for GAIA
Behaviour of a Raytheon IRFPA (438×270) under High Energy Protons
Radiation Damage Effects in XMM-Newton Epic Mos CCDs
95 Million Pixel Focal Plane for Use on the Kepler Discovery Mission
Sub-election Noise Focal Plane Arrays
L3CCDs: Fast Photon Counting for Optical Interferometry
L3CCD’s: Low Readout Noise CCDs in Astronomy
Zero Noise CCD
First Results of an L3CCD in Photon Counting Mode.
Amico, Paola. editor.
Beletic, James W. editor.
Beletic, Jenna E. editor.
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