Mastering IBM WebSphere portal [electronic resource] / Ron Ben-Natan ... [et al.].

Indianapolis, Ind. ; [Chichester] : Wiley, c2004.
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Maximize on the power of WebSphere Portal to build and deploy portalsIf you use, develop, manage, or administer WebSphere applications, you are probably already building or managing Web portals-or well on your way to doing so. With this comprehensive book, you'll discover how these portals bring together important functions such as integration, presentation, organization, and customizations-functions needed in every complex application environment. The unparalleled author team of experts offers you in-depth insight on mastering the complex aspects of WebSphere Portal, walking you throu
Foreword; Acknowledgments; About the Authors; Introduction; PART I WebSphere Portal Primer; CHAPTER 1: Introducing WebSphere Portal; What Is a Portal and Why Do We Need Them?; The WebSphere Family; Foundation and Tools; Business Integration; WebSphere Business Portals; What Is WebSphere Portal?; The User Experience; The Developer Experience; The Administrator Experience; WebSphere Portal Architecture; WebSphere Portal Packaging; WebSphere Portal Platforms; What's New in WebSphere 5.0 (including 5.0.2); Summary; CHAPTER 2: Installing WebSphere Portal on Windows 2000 Server
Getting Going: A Quick InstallGetting Information on Your Windows Server; Installing on Your Windows Server; Installing with an Existing Web Server and an Existing WebSphere Application Server; Installing WebSphere Portal Fixpack 2; Summary; CHAPTER 3: Installing WebSphere Portal on Linux; Installing on Linux; Getting Information on Your Linux Server; Installing on Your Linux Server; Nongraphic Linux Installation; Uninstalling WebSphere Portal on Linux; Directory Structure; Installing When WebSphere Security Is Enabled; Summary; CHAPTER 4: Customizing WebSphere Portal; WPSconfig
Configuration TemplatesUsing DB2 with WebSphere Portal; Configuring the DB2 Server; Installing DB2 Client on WebSphere Portal Server; Using Oracle and SQL Server with WebSphere Portal; Step 1: Create the Databases; Step 2: Create the Database Users; Configuring WebSphere Portal to Access a Remote Database; Summary; CHAPTER 5: Installing WebSphere Portal Tools and Problem Analysis; Portal Toolkit 5.0.2; Updating WebSphere Studio's WAS Runtime Environment; Installing WebSphere Portal Toolkit V5.0.2 MP; Updating to WebSphere Portal Test Environment V5.0.2
IBM Lotus Workplace Web Content Management Version 1.1Updating the Initialization Parameters; Installing the ILWWCM Web Application; Updating the ILWWCM Configuration Files; Starting the ILWWCM Web Application; ILWWCM Administrative Client Setup; Installing the WebSphere Portal Content Management Portlet; Problem Analysis; Tivoli Web Site Analyzer; Summary; CHAPTER 6: Migrating to WebSphere Portal Version 5.0; Preparing for a Migration; Recommended Migration Environment; Performing the Migration; Setting up the Migration Property Values; Migrating Access Controls
Migrating Extended User AttributesMigrating Themes, Skins, and Style Sheets; Migrating Portlet Applications; Migrating Places; Migrating Pages; Migrating All User Customizations; Migrating Credential Vault Slots and Segments; Migrating Credential Vault data; Migrating Everything at One Time; XML Configuration Interface; XML Input File; XML Configuration Interface Special Properties; XML Configuration Interface Transactional Support; Changes in XML Configuration Interface for Version 5.0; Summary; PART II Building and Administering Portals with WPS; CHAPTER 7: Defining Portals and Pages
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Includes index.
Ben-Natan, Ron.
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