JQuery 1.4 Plugin development [electronic resource] : beginner's guide : build powerful, interactive Plugins to implement jQuery to its best / Giulio Bai.

Bai, Giulio.
Birmingham [U.K.] : Packt Pub., 2010.
1 online resource (288 p.)
JavaScript (Computer program language)
Plug-ins (Computer programs)
Web site development.
Jquery (Computer file).
Electronic books.
Build powerful, interactive plugins to implement jQuery in the best way possible
Cover; Copyright; Credits; About the Author; About the Reviewers; Table of Contents; Preface; Chapter 1: What is jQuery About?; A little background; jQuery: ""the write less, do more JavaScript library""; How jQuery works; Time for action - writing a basic jQuery script; Time for action - callback and functions; Extending jQuery: Plugins; Plugins basics; Suggested reading that could help greatly; Books; Learning jQuery 1.3; jQuery 1.4 Reference Guide; Online reference and documentation;; Nettuts; Cheatsheets; Forums and mailing lists; Summary; Chapter 2: Plugins Basics
Using pluginsTime for action - looking for a plugin; Time for action - setting up our own page; Structure of a plugin; Time for action - types of plugins: Function plugins; Time for action - types of plugins: Messing with methods; Time for action - chaining; Basic plugins examples; A few key things to remember; Summary; Chapter 3: Our First jQuery Plugin; Defining our own default plugin structure; Setting the basics for our first plugin; Time for action - our first plugin, Part I; Getting a step farther; Time for action - our first plugin, Part II: Hovering; Dealing with options
Time for action - our first plugin, Part III: OptionsUsing functions inside the plugin; Time for action - our first plugin, Part IV: Functions; Closures: Making functions private; Time for action - our first plugin, Part V: Closures; Summary; Chapter 4: Media Plugins: Images Plugins; Plugin overview; Handling images; Time for action - showing images; Time for action - one step more; Centering things; Time for action - turning theory into code; Putting it all together; Time for action - the final step; Summary; Chapter 5: Media Plugins: Audio Plugins; Plugin overview; Handling audio files
The playerTime for action - creating the Flash player; Putting the plugin together; Time for action - creating the plugin; Styling and multiple players; Time for action - adding support for multiple players; Time for action - adding some style; Summary; Chapter 6: Media Plugins: Video Plugins; Plugin overview; Handling video files; Embedding YouTube videos; Time for action - creating your first video plugin; Adding preview thumbnails and the pop-up feel; Time for action - adding previews; Time for action - creating a pop up; Summary; Chapter 7: Form Plugins; Form plugins in general
Validating formsTime for action - creating the form check plugin; Auto-growing textareas; Time for action - creating the autogrow plugin; Other types of form-related plugins; Checkboxes and radio buttons; Text manipulation; Edit in place; Summary; Chapter 8: User Interface Plugins; Positioning; Time for action - understanding mouse movement events; Setting equal heights; Time for action - setting the same height; Other examples of user interface plugins; Menu plugins; Form enhancement plugins; Context menus and tree menus; Summary; Chapter 9: User Interface Plugins: Tooltip Plugins
Tooltip plugins in general
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