Zenoss core 3.x network and system monitoring [electronic resource] : a step-by-step guide to configuring, using, and adapting this free Open Source network monitoring system / Michael Badger.

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Badger, Michael.
Olton, Birmingham : Packt Pub., 2011.
Community experience distilled.
Community experience distilled
1 online resource (312 p.)
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Computer networks -- Monitoring.
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Implement Zenoss core and fit it into your security management environment using this easy-to-understand tutorial guide.
Cover; Copyright; Credits; About the Author; About the Reviewers;; Table of Contents; Preface; Chapter 1: Network and System Monitoring with Zenoss Core; Device management; Availability and performance monitors; Event management; Plugin architecture; System reports; Custom device reports; System architecture; User layer; Data layer; Collection layer; Device management daemons; Performance and availability daemons; Event daemons; Summary; Chapter 2: Discovering Devices; Zenoss Core installation; Preparing devices for monitoring; SNMP; SNMP versions; Configuring SNMP on Linux
Configuring SNMP and WMI on Windows Zenoss Plugins; Installing Zenoss Plugins; Port scan; Opening monitoring-specific ports; Configuring Linux firewalls; Configuring Windows firewall; Zenoss Core setup wizard; Step 1: Set up users; Step 2: Specify or discover devices to monitor; Adding devices; Manually find devices; Autodiscover devices; Our device inventory: A job well done; Reviewing device creation job log; Adding a single device; Entering device attributes; Importing a list of devices with zenbatchload; Command line discovery with zendisc; Summary
Chapter 3: Device Setup and Administration Organizing devices in Zenoss Core; Locations; Systems and Groups; Organizer details; Editing organizers; Moving organizers; Classes; Viewing a list of device classes; Assigning devices to a class; Modeling devices; Modeler plugins gather device information; Assigning modeler plugins; Troubleshooting data collection; Troubleshooting SNMP problems; Running snmpwalk; Is the SNMP daemon running on Linux servers?; SNMP problems on Windows; Troubleshooting WMI problems; Zeneventlog-unable to connect to Windows; Zenoss Core does not collect WMI data
Troubleshooting Zenoss Plugins A class of its own; Device administration; Locking or unlocking a device; Renaming a device; Resetting the IP address; Push changes; Deleting devices; zProperties defined; Summary; Chapter 4: Monitor Status and Performance; Collectors collect; Configuring the performance collector; Monitoring components; Interfaces; OS Processes; Add Process; Viewing or editing the process details; Configuration properties; Monitoring OS Processes; Services; Enable monitoring for a service; Configuration properties; Monitoring exceptions for services
Interactively monitor IP services File Systems; Ignoring File Systems with zProperties; Network Routes; Networks; Add Components; Viewing and editing component details for a device; Performance Graphs; Interface template; Performance Graphs; Working with graphs; Monitoring performance thresholds; Summary; Chapter 5: Custom Monitoring Templates; Monitoring Templates; Monitoring SNMP data sources; Overriding templates; Editing the /Server/Linux template; Find OIDs for SNMP monitoring; Monitoring with Nagios plugins; Working with Nagios plugins; Nagios return codes; Nagios performance data
Adding the Nagios plugin to Monitoring Templates
Includes index.
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