Sphinx search [electronic resource] : beginner's guide : implement full-text search with lightning speed and accuracy using Sphinx / Abbas Ali.

ʻAlī, ʻAbbās.
Olton, Birmingham : Packt Pub. Ltd., 2011.
1 online resource (244 p.)
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Implement full-text search with lightning speed and accuracy using Sphinx
Cover; Copyright; Credits; About the Author; About the Reviewers;; Table of Contents; Preface; Chapter 1: Setting Up Sphinx; What you need to know; Different ways of performing a search; Searching on a live database; Searching an index; Sphinx-a full-text search engine; Features; A brief history; License; Installation; System requirements; Sphinx on a Unix-based system; Time for action - installation on Linux; Options to the configure command; Known issues during installation; Sphinx on Windows; Time for action - installation on Windows; Sphinx on Mac OS X
Time for action - installation on a MacOther supported systems; Summary; Chapter 2: Getting Started; Checking the installation; Full-text search; What is full-text search?; Traditional search; Time for action - normal search in MySQL; MySQL full-text search; Advantages of full-text search; When to use a full-text search?; Overview of Sphinx; Primary programs; Time for action - Sphinx in action; Data to be indexed; Creating the Sphinx configuration file; Searching the index; Why use Sphinx for full-text searching?; Summary; Chapter 3: Indexing; What are indexes?; Indexes in Sphinx
Index attributesTypes of attributes; Multi-value attributes (MVA); Data sources; How to define the data source?; SQL data sources; Creating Index using SQL data source (Blog); Time for action - creating database tables for a blog; Time for action - populate the database tables; Time for action - creating the Sphinx configuration file; Time for action - adding attributes to the index; Time for action - Adding an MVA to the index; xmlpipe data source; xmlpipe2 data source; Indexing with schema defined in XML stream; Time for action - creating index (without attributes)
Time for action - add attributes to schemaIndexing with schema defined in configuration file; Time for action - create index with schema defined; in configuration file; Summary; Chapter 4: Searching; Client API implementations for Sphinx; Search using client API; Time for action - creating a basic search script; Matching modes; Time for action - searching with different matching modes; Boolean query syntax; Time for action - searching using Boolean query syntax; Extended query syntax; Time for action - searching with extended query syntax; Filtering full-text search results
Time for action - filtering the result setWeighting search results; Time for action - weighting search results; Sorting modes; Grouping search results; Summary; Chapter 5: Feed Search; The application; Tools and software used while creating this application; Database structure; Time for action - creating the MySQL database and tables; Basic setup; Time for action - setting up the feeds application; Add feed; Time for action - creating a form to add feeds; Saving the feed data; Time for action - adding code to save feed; Indexing the feeds; Time for action - create the index
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