Magento 1.4 themes design [electronic resource] / Richard Carter.

Carter, Richard.
Birmingham, U.K. : Packt Pub., 2011.
1 online resource (421 p.)
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Customize the appearance of your Magento 1.4 e-commerce store with Magento's powerful theming engine
Magento 1.4 Themes Design; Magento 1.4 Themes Design; Credits; About the Author; About the Reviewer;; Support files, e-books, discount offers, and more; Why Subscribe?; Free Access for Packt account holders; Preface; What this book covers; What you need for this book; Who this book is for; Conventions; Reader feedback; Customer support; Errata; Piracy; Questions; 1. Introduction to Magento; What is Magento?; Magento's features; Differences between Magento 1.3 and Magento 1.4 themes; Default Magento 1.4 themes; Magento Default theme; Modern theme; Blue theme
Showcase of Magento themesHarvey Nichols; Mark One; Zhu Zhu; Challenges of Magento theme design; Why create a custom Magento theme?; Installing Magento 1.4; Pre-installation check: magento-check.php; Downloading Magento 1.4 Community Edition; Installing and configuring Magento; Configuring file permissions; Configuring Magento; Creating your Magento administration account; Summary; 2. Exploring Magento Themes; Magento terminology; Magento websites and Magento stores; Magento interfaces; Magento packages; Magento themes; Base theme; Default themes; Non-default themes; Blocks in Magento
Content blocksStructural blocks; What makes a Magento theme?; Unique aspects of a Magento theme; Typical Magento theme file types; Skins; Layouts; Templates; Locales; Theme hierarchy in Magento: the fallback pattern; The base theme; An example of theme hierarchy; The Blank theme; Installing and activating a Magento theme; Installing a Magento theme; Activating a Magento theme; Good practice in Magento theming; Summary; 3. Magento Theme Basics; Magento's cache; Disabling Magento's cache; Changing your store's logo; Changing your store's logo using a static block in Magento
Changing your store's faviconWhat is a favicon?; Favicon inspiration; Changing the favicon; Displaying products on the homepage; Adding the featured category; Adding a product in Magento; Finding your category's ID; Adding the featured category to the homepage; Customizing the default placeholder product image; Customizing the product image watermark; Summary; 4. Magento Theme Layouts; Magento layout terminology; Default layout; Layout updates; Template Path Hints and Block Name Hints; Enabling Template Path Hints; Enabling Block Name Hints; Restricting who can see the hints
A brief guide to XMLSelf-closing elements in XML; Closing XML elements normally; Entity escapes in XML; Changing a page's layout; Changing a page's layout through Magento's administration panel; Customizing a Magento page through Layout Update XML field; Customizing a Magento page through layout files; Default and non-default handles in Magento layout; What is a handle?; The default handle; Non-default handles; Useful handles in Magento; Summary; 5. Non-default Magento Themes; Beginning a new Magento 1.4 theme; The case study design; Creating new theme directories; Basic local.xml layout file
Enabling the new theme
"Customize the appearance of your Magento 1.4 e-commerce store with Magento's powerful theming engine."
Includes index.
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