Scribus 1.3.5 [electronic resource] : beginner's guide ; create optimum page layouts for your documentsusing productive tools of scribus / Cedric Gemy.

Gemy, Cedric.
Birmingham, U.K. : Packt, 2010.
1 online resource (348 p.)

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Create optimum page layouts for your documents using productive tools of Scribus.
Cover; Copyright; Credits; About the Author; About the Reviewers; Table of Contents; Preface; Chapter 1: Getting Started with Scribus; Desktop publishing software versus text processors; The graphic workflow; Understanding the workspace; Time for action - using the main status bar options; The toolbar; Properties Palette: The main place; Layout and story editor; Software and per-document preferences; Time for action - how Scribus applies changes; Working comfortably in Scribus; Zooming; Panning; Changing values in fields; Customizing Scribus a bit; Changing the toolbars; Document handling
Default document setting Default tool settings / zoom factor; External tools; To InDesign and Xpress users; Summary; Chapter 2: Creating a First Layout; Creating a new layout; Time for action - setting page size and paper size and margins; Choosing a layout; Save the document as often as possible; Basic frames for text and images; Time for action - adding the logo; Time for action - adding the text; Time for action - adding and setting the color of a shape; Changing the stack of objects; Moving objects and exact positioning; Placing with snapping options; Setting the coordinates
Time for action - use X and Y properties Basic text properties; Time for action - formatting text; Resizing objects; Resizing with the mouse; Resizing with the Properties Palette; Resizing with the keyboard; Scaling objects; Time for action - scaling the name of our company; Rotating objects; Time for action - the quick method for rotating an object; Aligning objects; Time for action - aligning an object on another; Locking objects to prevent errors; Grouping objects; Mirroring objects; Summary; Chapter 3: Mastering Pages; Navigating in the document
Time for action - let's surf into the document The Arrange Pages window; Adding and deleting pages; Adding pages one by one; Time for action - a new page after the cover; Adding several pages at once; Time for action - adding several pages; Deleting pages; Arranging pages; Customizing page properties; Creating and deleting master pages; The default master pages; Time for action - using default master pages; Managing custom master pages with the Edit Master Pages window; Creating master pages; Time for action - hands on master page; Applying master pages; Applying master, page after page
Applying masters to several pages Sharing pages and master pages between documents; Time for action - reusing pages; Numbering pages; Time for action - page numbering; Adding sections; Guides; Time for action - a simple three-folded document; Grids; Summary; Chapter 4: Using Text in Scribus; Creating Text Frames; Setting Text Frame options; Size and position; Shape; Frame margins; Importing simple text; Time for action - import it from Shakespeare land!; Linking and unlinking Text Frames; Time for action - import it from Shakespeare Land, going on!; Flowing text
Time for action - let's jump into the flow!
Includes index.