Dreamweaver CS5.5 mobile and Web development with HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery [electronic resource] : harness the cutting edge features of Dreamweaver for mobile and web development / David Karlins.

Karlins, David.
Birmingham, England : Packt Pub., 2011.
1 online resource (284 p.)
Community experience distilled.
Community experience distilled

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Harness the cutting edge features of Dreamweaver for mobile and web development
Cover; Copyright; Credits; About the Author; About the Reviewers;; Table of Contents; Preface; Chapter 1: Creating HTML5 Pages in Dreamweaver; HTML5 and Dreamweaver CS5 in the world of web design; HTML5-the cutting edge of web design; HTML4.1, XHTML, and HTML5; Compatibility issues with HTML5; HTML5 and Dreamweaver CS5.5; Dreamweaver generates code; Dreamweaver-catching up to HTML5; An introduction to HTML5 layout elements; The evolution of HTML layout elements; Phase 1: Tables; Phase 2: CSS DIV tags; Phase 3: HTML5 layout elements; Meet the HTML5 layout elements
Dreamweaver's HTML5 Pack and design elementsDetecting or installing the HTML5 Pack in Dreamweaver; Creating a Dreamweaver site; Generating new pages from layouts using the HTML5 templates; Examining the generated HTML5 layout; Toggling between related files; Code, Split, and Design views; Dissecting design elements with the Inspect Mode; Saving a layout as a web page; Recipe: Creating and saving a 3-column HTML5 page; Summary; Chapter 2: Customizing HTML5 Layout-Content and Look; Customizing layouts - An overview; Embedding content where it belongs; Dissecting format
Editing content in HTML5 page layout elementsHTML text tags versus HTML5 layout elements; Organizing content in containers; Utilizing Split view for editing content; Adding articles and sections; Identifying and selecting HTML5 layout elements; Copying, pasting, and deleting HTML5 Elements; Identifying style rules; HTML5 layout elements require styles; Examining CSS associated with HTML5 layouts; Customizing HTML tag rules; Making quick changes to styles in the CSS styles panel; The CSS rules definition dialog; Editing type styles; Editing backgrounds; Preview with apply
Saving customized HTML5 layoutsRecipe: Customize content and look of an HTML5 page; Summary; Chapter 3: Customizing HTML5 Layout Elements; HTML5 layout and browser compatibility challenges; Which browsers support HTML5 layout elements?; Using CSS to solve browser issues; The magic of display:block; Disabling a CSS rule; Global HTML5 layout element attributes; Working with backgrounds; Defining size, margins, and padding; Assigning a page size; Margins versus padding; Element padding versus content margins; Positioning with float; Customizing HTML5 elements
Back to the future: ID and class stylesLayout with class styles; The role of ID styles; Recipes: Customizing the HTML5 page layout; Recipe: Customizing the size and position for header, footer, nav, and aside; Customizing links in the nav element; Summary; Chapter 4: Building HTML5 Pages from Scratch; Dreamweaver CS5 and HTML5; Building an HTML5 page from the top; HTML5 structural elements; Creating a CSS file; Using HTML5 to make content accessible; HTML5 layout strategy; Using code hints; Adding header, header nav, and hgroup; Navigation within a header
Organizing header content with hgroups
Includes index.
Includes index.