MacBook Air portable genius [electronic resource] / by Paul McFedries.

McFedries, Paul C.
2nd ed.
Indianapolis, Ind. : Wiley Pub., 2011.
Portable genius.
Portable genius
1 online resource (339 p.)
MacBook Air (Computer)
Electronic books.
Get the most from Apple's ultracool new MacBook Air Apple's newest MacBook Air is smaller, lighter, and more powerful than ever. And this convenient little book is loaded with tips and techniques for everything from getting started with your MacBook Air to maximizing power and battery life. Learn innovative ways to accomplish a task more efficiently, master the new features of the MacBook Air, and take advantage of all the remote features and accessories. Fun, hip, and portable, this guide has what every Mac fan needs to know about the MacBook Air.The new MacBook Air features
MacBook Air Portable Genius, 2nd Edition; About the Author; Credits; Acknowledgments; Contents; Introduction; Chapter 1: How Do I Connect Devices?; Using an External Display; Connecting and Sharing a Printer; Connecting and Sharing a Fax; Connecting Imaging Devices; Chapter 2: How Do I Make Wireless Connections?; Connecting to a Wireless Network; Setting Up a Remote DVD Drive; Making a Wireless Connection to Another Mac; Transferring Settings Wirelessly from Another Mac; Working with Bluetooth Devices; Exchanging Files Using Bluetooth
Chapter 3: How Do I Synchronize MacBook Air with Other Devices?Synchronizing with an iPod, iPad, or iPhone; Synchronizing with a Bluetooth Cell Phone; Synchronizing with MobileMe; Chapter 4: How Do I Use MacBook Air to Organize My Real Life?; Managing Your Contacts; Managing Your Appointments; Chapter 5: How Do I Use MacBook Air to Organize My Online Life?; Getting More out of MobileMe; Creating Your Own Web Site; Chapter 6: Can MacBook Air Help Me Communicate More Effectively?; Improving Your E-Mail Life; Chatting and Videoconferencing; Chapter 7: How Do I Keep MacBook Air Running Smoothly?
Routine MacBook Air MaintenanceMore MacBook Air Maintenance; Preparing for Trouble; Restoring MacBook Air; Chapter 8: How Do I Maintain the Battery?; Understanding the MacBook Air Battery; Tracking Battery Usage; Saving Energy When Using Battery Power; Cycling the MacBook Air Battery; Replacing the Battery; Chapter 9: How Do I Maintain the Hard Drive?; Monitoring the Hard Drive's Free Space; Erasing the Hard Drive's Free Space; Checking the Hard Drive's Status; Verifying the Hard Drive; Replacing the Hard Drive; Chapter 10: How Do I Solve MacBook Air Problems?
General Software Troubleshooting TechniquesGeneral Hardware Troubleshooting Techniques; Chapter 11: How Do I Solve Specific Software Problems?; You Can't Change Some Options in System Preferences; A Program Is Stuck; A Process Is Stuck; Solving Program Problems; You Can't Empty the Trash; You Can't Run Administrator Commands in Terminal; You Can't Send E-Mail; Repairing Remote Disc Woes; Time Machine No Longer Backs Up to an External Hard Drive; Solving Safari Troubles; You Can't Specify a Different Time Zone for an iCal Event; Chapter 12: How Do I Solve Specific Hardware Problems?
MacBook Air Won't StartMacBook Air Says You Don't Have Enough Memory; MacBook Air Runs Slowly; Your External Mouse or Keyboard Doesn't Work; Your Display Is Garbled; Your MacBook Air SuperDrive Won't Accept a Disc; You Have Trouble Accessing a Wireless Network; Your Sound Isn't Working; You Can't Eject a Disc; Official Apple Sites; Appendix A: MacBook Air Online Resources; More Mac Sites; Startup Shortcuts; Restart and Shut Down Shortcuts; Appendix B: MacBook Air Shortcut Keys; Application Shortcuts; Finder Shortcuts; Safari Shortcuts; Miscellaneous Shortcuts; Glossary; Index
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