The profession of social work [electronic resource] : guided by history, led by evidence / Catherine N. Dulmus, Karen M. Sowers.

Dulmus, Catherine N.
Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, c2012.
1 online resource (290 p.)

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An expert introduction to the foundations of the social work profession-from its historical roots to its evolution in an era of evidence-based practice The Profession of Social Work provides a broad overview of the history, scope, values, ethics, and organizational framework of the social work profession. Exploring professional ethics and human rights, evidence-based practice and practice-guided research, as well as emerging trends and issues, this important book presents topics of critical importance to anyone considering a career in social work. Each chapter i
The Profession of Social Work; Contents; Preface; About the Editors; Contributors; Chapter 1 The History of Social Work and Social Welfare; Religious Origins of Social Work; Islam; Judaism; Christianity; Government Enters the Picture; The Deserving and the Undeserving Poor; The Statute of Laborers; The Elizabethan Poor Laws; Indoor and Outdoor Relief; The Speenhamland Law; The Rise of the Market; Social Welfare Institutions; Dorothea Dix; Mothers' Pensions; Weaknesses of Institutions; The Charity Organization Society; Whose Fault, the Individual or the Market?
Jane Addams and the Settlement HouseHull House; Community Services; Community Reform; The Idea Spreads; The Progressive Era; The Stresses of Urbanization and Immigration; Child Labor, Prostitution, and Racism; Professionalization Begins; Professionalization Questioned; Professionalization Marches On; Getting Organized; The Great Depression; Jane Hoey and Public Assistance; Social Security and Public Jobs; The Rank and File Movement; The Postwar Period and Further Organization; Poverty Is Rediscovered; A War on Poverty?; Civil Rights and Welfare Rights; The Age of Reagan; Reagan Refined
Reagan Invoked but Ignored?The Age of Impasse; Key Terms; Review Questions for Critical Thinking; Online Resources; References; Chapter 2 Educating for Social Work; Need for Trained Social Workers; Accreditation; Purpose of Social Work Education; Purposes of Baccalaureate-Level Education in Social Work; Purposes of Master's-Level Education in Social Work; Purposes of Doctoral Education in Social Work; Curriculum and Pedagogy; Education for Practice; Opportunities and Challenges; Recruitment; Understanding Between Educational Levels and Member Associations; Funding; Accountability
Curriculum for the 21st CenturyKey Terms; Review Questions for Critical Thinking; Online Resources; References; Chapter 3 Social Work Practice in the New Millennium; Summary of the Profession's Evolution; Purpose of Social Work Practice; Values; Ethical Issues; Social Work's Relation to Biological and Social Sciences; Biological Sciences; Social Sciences; Conceptual Framework of Practice; Primacy of the Methods Triad; The Methods Paradigm; Treatment and the Joining of Casework and Group Work; Community Organization; Other Forms of Macro Practice; Fields of Practice; The Future; Key Terms
Review Questions for Critical ThinkingOnline Resources; References; Chapter 4 Professional Credentials and Professional Regulations: Social Work Professional Development; Development of Social Work as a Profession; Professional Credentials; The First Social Work Certification-ACSW; Definition of Licensing Terms; Social Work Licensing; The Association of Social Work Boards; Professional Regulation-Current Licensure Structure; Licensure Requirements; Functions of Regulatory Boards; Supervision; Public Protection; Key Terms; Review Questions for Critical Thinking; Online Resources; References
Chapter 5 Social Work Organizations
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
Sowers, Karen M. (Karen Marlaine)