Building impressive presentations with Impress.js [electronic resource] / Rakhitha Nimesh Ratnayake.

Ratnayake, Rakhitha Nimesh.
Birmingham, UK : Packt Pub., c2013.
1 online resource (124 p.)

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This book gives you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. Using easy-to-follow practical examples, this guide takes you from simple presentations to complete websites in no time.If you want to engage your audience on a level not previously possible on software such as PowerPoint or Prezi, then this book is for you. With basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript you can start making presentations that truly Impress.
Cover; Copyright; Credits; About the Author; About the Reviewers;; Table of Contents; Preface; Chapter 1: Getting Started with Impressive Presentations; What is impress.js?; Built-in features; Beyond presentations with impress.js; Why is it important?; Presentation outline; Using bullet points; Animations; Using themes; Downloading and configuring impress.js; Creating your first presentation; Designing the presentation; Creating the presentation container; Creating your first step; Applying styles on steps; Creating Step 1; Creating Step 2; Limiting the visibility of steps
Presentation overviewSummary; Chapter 2: Exploring Impress Visualization Effects; Introduction to CSS transformations; Positioning effects; Positioning on the x axis; Positioning on the y axis; Positioning on the z axis; Rotating effects; Rotation around the x axis; Rotation around the y axis; Rotation around the z axis; Rotations in practice; Scaling effects; The importance of positioning in scaling; Scaling in practice; Planning the design; Data perspective; impress.js under the hood; Summary; Chapter 3: Diving into the Core of impress.js; impress.js configuration; Default configurations
Customizing configurationsConfiguring the width and height; Configuring the minScale and maxScale; Configuring the perspective; Configuring the transition duration; Looking at configurations inside the core; Understanding the impress API functions; Inside the next function; Inside the prev function; Inside the goto function; Automating presentations; Creating custom transition timing; impress.js step events; How to use the step class; Working with keyboard configurations; Default keyboard configurations; Inside the impress core; Assigning custom keys for custom events
Adding new keys for new eventsHandling the step click event; Summary; Chapter 4: Presenting on Different Viewports; Fullscreen presentations; Using impress.js inside a container; Developing a content slider; Planning the design; Designing slides; Wrapping the presentation inside a container; Playing the slider automatically; Creating navigation controls; Creating the play/pause features; Adding slide numbers; Highlighting the active slide; impress.js presentations on mobile devices; Issues in designing for mobile devices; Scenario 1; Scenario 2; Scenario 3; Best design practices for mobiles
SummaryChapter 5: Creating Personal Websites; Planning the website structure; Designing the header; Creating the presentation wrapper; Creating pages; Designing the home page; Designing the portfolio page; Portfolio gallery; Portfolio single; Designing the timeline page; Defining the timeline navigation; Designing the services page; Handling the navigation menu; Creating the navigation hint; Summary; Chapter 6: Troubleshooting; Browser compatibility; Handling unsupported browsers; Limitations and new features; Positioning steps relative to other steps; Defining the previous and next steps
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Includes index.