The dyslexic adult [electronic resource] : interventions and outcomes : an evidence based approach / David McLoughlin, Carol Leather.

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McLoughlin, David, 1948-
2nd ed.
Hoboken : BPS Blackwell, 2013.
1 online resource (338 p.)
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A definitive and evidence-based guide for psychologists, teachers, coaches, HR personnel and all professionals who must understand and work with dyslexic adults.The only book to look at dyslexia within the context of life span developmental psychology, including the factors that contribute to success - now fully revised and updatedCombines an accessible style with a strong focus on evidence-based practice and a sound theoretical model on which to base assessment, counselling, teaching and trainingProvides a clear guide to the kinds of assessment that can be conducted
The Dyslexic Adult; Contents; Preface to the Second Edition; Preface to the First Edition; Acknowledgements; Prologue; 1 Dyslexia in the Adult Years; Introduction; History; Terminology; Defining Dyslexia; Evidence-based Practice; The Nature of Dyslexia: Behavioural Characteristics; Observable Behavioural Characteristics; Affective Characteristics; Positive Characteristics; Behavioural Characteristics: Empirical Evidence; Explaining Characteristics; Biology and Neurology; Cognition; Dyslexia: AWorking Memory Model; Explaining Positive Characteristics; Explaining Affective Characteristics
A Working DefinitionDyslexia and Other Syndromes; Dyspraxia; Dyscalculia; Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder; Asperger's Syndrome; Visual Stress; Degrees of Dyslexia; The Prevalence of Dyslexia; Summary; 2 Interventions; Introduction; Psychological Development in the Adult Years; Transitions; Successful Adjustment; Risk and Resilience; Learning in Adulthood; Types of Intervention; The Role of the Tutor/Coach; Key Skills; The Development of Metacognitive Skills; Skill Development, Compensation and Accommodation: An Integrated Framework for Development
Alternative InterventionsSummary; 3 Identification and Assessment; Introduction; Information Gathering; Interviews; Screening; Checklists; Computer-based Tests; LADS - Plus Version; StudyScan and QuickScan; Individually Administered Tests; York Adult Assessment Battery; Dyslexia Adult Screening Test (DAST); Scholastic Abilities Test for Adults (SATA); Formal Diagnosis; Testing Intelligence; WAIS-IV; Verbal Tests; Working Memory Tests; Perceptual Reasoning Tests; Processing Speed; The Global Composite - Full Scale IQ; The Specific Composite - Index Scores
The Sub-test - Level WAIS-IV as an Ipsative TestThe Item Level and Task Cognitive Capacities; Abbreviated Scales; Tests for Teachers; Further Psychological Testing; Phonological Processing and Naming Speed; Memory Ability; Executive Functioning; Achievements in Literacy and Numeracy; Reading; Reading Levels; The Components of a Reading Assessment; Decoding; Comprehension; Listening Comprehension; Speed of Reading; The Assessment of Metacognition in Reading; The Assessment of Reading Skills and Information Technology; Writing and Spelling; Numeracy; Measuring Affective Characteristics
Self-EsteemAnxiety; Re-assessment; Diagnosis and English as an Additional Language; Diagnosis and Other Syndromes; Dyspraxia/DCD; Dyscalculia; ADD/ADHD; Asperger's Syndrome; Visual Stress; Pretending to Have a Learning Difficulty; Feedback to Client; Report Writing; Summary; Appendix A: Sample Report; Appendix B: A Guide through the Maze of Assessments; 4 Counselling; Introduction; Aims of Counselling; Issues in Counselling Dyslexic People; Approaches to Counselling; Couple Counselling; Referring On; Summary; 5 Personal Development; Introduction; Self-understanding
The Nature of the Difficulty
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
Leather, Carol.
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