Regulatory T cells [electronic resource] / Ren S. Hayashi, editor.

New York : Nova Science Publishers, c2011.
Cell Biology Research Progress
Cell biology research progress
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Cell Biology Research Progress
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T cells.
Immune response -- Regulation.
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""REGULATORY T CELLS ""; ""REGULATORY T CELLS""; ""Contents ""; ""Preface ""; ""T Helper 17 Cells Interplay with CD4+CD25highFoxp3+ Regulatory T cells in Regulating Autoimmune Inflammation""; ""1. Abstract ""; ""2. Introduction""; ""3. Comparison of the New Multi-Subset Paradigm to the old Th1-Th2 Paradigm""; ""3.1. Imperfect Th1-Th2 Paradigm ""; ""3.2. New CD4+ Th Subsets � Tregs, Th17, Th9, Tfh, IL-10 IFN-Gamma-Secreting CD4+ T cells and CD4+CD28null T Cells ""; ""3.2.1. Tregs""; ""3.2.2. Th17""; ""3.2.3. Th9 ""; ""3.2.4. Tfh ""; ""3.2.5. IL-10- IFN-gamma-secreting CD4+ T cells""
""3.2.6. CD4+CD28null T cells """"4. Structural Characters of IL-17 Family Cytokines ""; ""5. Th17 Cells, a New Proinflammatory and Autoimmune CD4+ T Cell Subset""; ""6. Wide Spectrum Effects of IL-17 on Various Cell Types and Tissues""; ""6.1. Synovial Stromal Cells ""; ""6.2. Fibroblasts ""; ""6.3. Endothelial Cells""; ""6.4. Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells (VSMCs) ""; ""6.5. Monocytic Cells and Macrophages ""; ""6.6. Structural Lung Cells""; ""7. Signaling Pathways Initiated by Binding of IL-17 Cytokines and IL-17 Receptors ""; ""7.1. IL-17 Receptor Family ""
""7.2. IL-17 Receptor Complex Components """"7.3. IL-17 Receptor Signaling ""; ""8. Th17/IL-17-Mediated Inflammations ""; ""8.1. Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis (EAE)/Multiple Sclerosis ""; ""8.2. Inflammatory Skin Disease in Mice and Psoriasis in Humans ""; ""8.3. Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) [1]""; ""8.4. Experimental Arthritis/Rheumatoid Arthritis [1] ""; ""8.5. Atherosclerosis ""; ""8.6. Diabetes ""; ""9. Protective Roles of IL-17 in Infections ""; ""10. Interplay between Th17 Cells and Tregs ""; ""10.1. Recent Progress in Characterizing Tregs ""
""10.2. Reciprocally Interconnected Th17 and Tregs""""10.3. Inhibition of Th17 by Tregs ""; ""Conclusion ""; ""References ""; ""Human CD8 Tregs as Contender in Chronic Persisting Infections ""; ""Abstract ""; ""Introduction""; ""Treg Subsets, Markers and Plasticity ""; ""CD8 Tregs in Human Disease ""; ""Mechanism of Suppression by CD8+ Tregs ""; ""The CCL4-CCR5 Axis as a New Player in CD8 Treg Mediated Suppression""; ""Evidence for Involvement of Tregs in Chronic Human Infectious Diseases""; ""Human CD4+ Tregs in Infectious Diseases""; ""Mycobacterial infections ""; ""Parasitic infections ""
""Other bacterial infections """"Viral infections""; ""Human CD8+ Tregs in Infectious Diseases ""; ""Mycobacterial infections ""; ""Viral infections ""; ""Antigen Specificity & HLA Restriction of Tregs ""; ""Location of Tregs Suggests Significant Role in Containment of Pathogens, but Timing of Treg Activity is Crucial ""; ""Tregs in TB Vaccination May Inhibit TB Protection: Lessons for Rational Vaccine Design""; ""Conclusion ""; ""Acknowledgments ""; ""References ""; ""Role of Regulatory t Cells in the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis ""; ""Abstract ""; ""1. Introduction ""
""1.1. Introduction ""
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Hayashi, Ren S.
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