Fundamentals of amputation care and prosthetics [electronic resource] / editor Douglas Murphy.

New York, NY : Demos Medical Publishing, LLC, 2014.
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Written by experienced physiatrists, prosthetists, and therapists, this book provides an introduction to the field of amputee care and prosthetics. Dedicated chapters guide you through prescription of prostheses for the various levels and types of amputations in both the lower and upper extremity and address recent advances in functionality and safety. Pre- and post-operative care, prosthetic troubleshooting, gait issues and medical management of the residual limb are also addressed. With concise key information highlighted throughout, this handbook is a welcome point of care resource or study
Cover; Title; Copyright; Contents; Contributors; Preface; Acknowledgments; Chapter 1: History of Amputation: From the Past to the Present; Pre-Modern History; Stepping into Modernity; The Modern Age; Modern Prosthetic Technology; Chapter 2: Physical Exam; Physical Exam; Obtaining a Useful Medical History; Vascular Exam; Skin; Residual-Limb Length; Residual-Limb Shape; Range of Motion; Neurologic Exam; Strength; Conclusion; Appendix-Guide for Bedside Examination; Chapter 3: Levels of Amputation; Metatarsal Ray Resection [1-3]; Transmetatarsal Amputation [3-6]; Lisfranc Amputation [1-3]
Chopart Amputation [1-3]Pirogoff Amputation [1-3]; Boyd Amputation [1-3]; Syme Amputation [1-4]; Transtibial or Below-Knee Amputation [2-4]; Knee Disarticulation [3-5]; Transfemoral Amputation or Above-Knee Amputation [3-5]; Hip Disarticulation [3-5]; Hemipelvectomy [3-5]; Hemicorporectomy [3-5]; Upper Extremity Amputations [3-5]; Partial Hand; Transcarpal; Disarticulation of the Wrist; Transradial Amputation; Elbow Disarticulation; Transhumeral; Shoulder Disarticulation; Scapulothoracic Amputation; References; Chapter 4: Pre-and Post-Operative Care: Readiness for Fitting
Pre-and Post-Operative Care of the Lower Extremity AmputeePre-Operative Care; Post-Operative Care; Bibliography; Chapter 5: Rehab Post Surgery; Rehab with a Temporary Prosthesis; Skin Checks; Sock Ply Management; Donning/Doffing; Gait Training; Chapter 6: Definitive or "Permanent" Prosthesis; Below-Knee Prosthesis: Patellar Tendon Bearing (PTB); Supracondylar; Supracondylar/Suprapatellar; Total Surface Bearing (TSB); Joint and Corset; Supplemental Suspension Systems to Keep the Prosthesis on the Residual Limb; Waist Belt, Fork Strap, and Cuff; Supracondylar Wedge; Silicone Locking Liner
Silicone Suction LinerFeet and Componentry; Chapter 7: Lower Extremity Prosthetic Componentry; Feet; SACH; Single Axis; Flexible Keel (Energy Storing) Foot; Energy Storing Carbon Feet; Powered and Computerized Feet; Rotation/Shock/Multi-Axis Units; Knees; Single Axis; Manual Locking; Weight Activated Locking; Polycentric Knees; Hydraulic; MPK - Microprocessor Controlled Knee; Power Knee; References; Chapter 8: Partial Foot Amputation; Overall Classification; Epidemiology; Toe Amputation; Ray Amputation; Transmetatarsal Amputation; Tarsal-Metatarsal Disarticulation Amputation (Lisfranc)
Transtarsal Amputation by Sparing the Calcaneus and Talus (Chopart)Transtarsal Amputation with Partial Resection of the Calcaneus (Boyd/Pirogoff); References; Chapter 9: Syme's Amputation and Prosthetic Options; History; Indications; Benefits [4]; The Downside [4]; The Prescription; Socket Design; Feet; Syme's or Transtibial Amputation?; References; Chapter 10: Transtibial Amputations; Transtibial Prosthetic Prescription; Socket Design; Socket Interfaces; Suspension; Alignment; Prosthetic Feet; Chapter 11: Knee Disarticulation Prosthesis Criteria; Prescription Considerations and Options
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Murphy, Douglas (Douglas P.)
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