Emotionally focused couple therapy for dummies [electronic resource] / by Brent Bradley and James Furrow.

Bradley, Brent.
Mississauga, Ont. : John Wiley & Sons, c2013.
1 online resource (367 p.)
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Couples therapy.
Emotion-focused therapy.
Marital psychotherapy.
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A practical, down-to-earth guide to using the world's most successful approach to couple therapy One of the most successful therapeutic approaches to healing dysfunctional relationships, emotionally focused couple therapy provides clients with powerful insights into how and why they may be suppressing their emotions and teaches them practical ways to deal with those feelings more constructively for improved relationships. Unlike cognitive-behavioural therapy, which provides effective short-term coping skills, emotionally focused therapy often is prescribed as a second-stage treatment
Contents at a Glance; Table of Contents; Introduction; About This Book; Foolish Assumptions; Icons Used in This Book; Beyond the Book; Where to Go from Here; Part I: Essentials of Emotionally Focused Therapy; Chapter 1: The Basics of Emotionally Focused Therapy; Understanding the Emotionally Focused Therapy Approach; Considering Your Own Arguing Cycle; De-escalating Your Conflict Cycle; Finding Each Other in New Ways; Caring About Each Other's Needs; Opening Up to Each Other; Facing the Future Together; Tackling Problematic Issues Together
Chapter 2: Understanding the Power of Emotion in RelationshipsTrusting Emotion; Defining the Role of Emotion in Relationships; Identifying the Differences between Positive and Negative Emotions; Seeing What Science Has to Say about Emotion; Understanding Attachment Theory and the Emotional World of Relationships; Chapter 3: Organizing Your Emotional World; Unpacking Emotion, Up Close and Personal; Discovering the Process of Emotion; Chapter 4: Identifying the Three Levels of Emotional Experience; Discovering the Importance of Primary Emotion
Secondary Emotion: What You Feel after Your Gut ReactsInstrumental Emotion: What You Show But Don't Feel; Part II: Emotionally Focused Therapy in Action: Moving from Problems to Patterns; Chapter 5: Finding Common Patterns of Conflict; Remembering the Early Days of Your Relationship; Understanding How Couples Argue in Predictable Ways; Discovering the Three Fighting Styles; Looking At What's Going On Underneath; Chapter 6: Finding Common Roles in Conflict; Delving into Your Relationship Histories; Making Sense of Pursuing; Getting Familiar with Withdrawing
Chapter 7: Working Toward Fighting Less and Feeling BetterStaying Aware of Patterns and Roles; Exploring Ways to Stay Connected When Facing Conflicts; Finding Exits Before It's Too Late; Moving Away from Fighting and Toward Each Other; Part III: Finding Intimacy in New Ways; Chapter 8: Seeing through Withdrawing Eyes; Looking Under the Hood: Why Withdrawing Makes Sense; Finding Your Fears; Chapter 9: Seeing through Pursuing Eyes; Looking Inside Pursuit; Recognizing Your Fears; Chapter 10: Facing Fears and Finding Each Other; Refusing to Withdraw: Daring to Reach for Your Partner
Resisting Pursuing: Sharing Your Fears with Your PartnerChapter 11: Overcoming Common Blocks; Dismantling the Power of Shame; Overcoming Broken Trust; Chapter 12: Dealing with Infidelity; Gaining an Emotionally Focused Understanding of Infidelity; Overcoming Affairs and Healing Injuries; Healing the Injury of Infidelity in Emotionally Focused Therapy; Protecting Your Relationship from Affairs; Part IV: Moving Forward Together; Chapter 13: Finding New Solutions to Old Problems; Getting Back on Track after the Cycle Returns; Tackling Common Sticking Points
Working Through Old Issues with New Resources
"Making Everything Easier!"--Cover.
Includes index.
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Furrow, James.