A history of the English Language / Elly van Gelderen.

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Gelderen, Elly van, author.
Revised edition.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania : John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2014.
1 online resource (358 p.)
English language -- History.
English language -- History -- Problems, exercises, etc.
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The English language in its complex shapes and forms changes fast. This thoroughly revised edition has been refreshed with current examples of change and has been updated regarding archeological research. Most suggestions brought up by users and reviewers have been incorporated, for instance, a family tree for Germanic has been added, Celtic influence is highlighted much more, there is more on the origin of Chancery English, and internal and external change are discussed in much greater detail. The philosophy of the revised book remains the same with an emphasis on the linguis
A History of the English Language; Title page; LCC data; Table of contents; Preface to the first edition (2006); Preface to the revised edition; Notes to the user and abbreviations; List of tables; List of figures; 1 The English language; 1. The origins and history of English; 2. Modern English compared to earlier English and other languages; 3. External and internal change; 4. Conclusion; Keywords; Topics for class discussion and exercises; 2. English spelling, sounds, and grammar; 1. English spelling; 2. Why English spelling is irregular; 3. The phonetic alphabet
4. Phonetics and sound change5. Some grammatical terminology; 6. Conclusion; Keywords; Exercises; 3. Before Old English; 1. Origins of language; 2. Earliest writings; 3. Indo-European to Germanic: Sound changes; 4. Indo-European to Germanic: Changes in morphology and syntax; 5. Reconstruction methods; 6. Politics and reconstruction; 7. Conclusion; Keywords; Exercises; 4. Old English: 450-1150; 1. Sources and spelling; 2. Old English sounds; 3. Old English grammar; 4. Old English morphology; 5. Old English syntax; 6. The Old English lexicon; 7. Old English dialects; 8. Conclusion; Keywords
ExercisesAppendix A. Anglo Saxon Chronicle - Peterborough version; Appendix B. Two versions of Caedmon's Hymn; Appendix C. Orosius; Appendix D. Riddles; Appendix E. Wulf and Eadwacer; Appendix F. The Wanderer; 5. From Old to Middle English; 1. Celtic loans; 2. Latin loans; 3. Scandinavian influence; 4. French influence; 5. Other languages; 6. The result: A lexicon of multiple origins; 7. Implications for the status of Middle English; 8. Conclusion; Key concepts; Exercises and review questions; 6. Middle English: 1150-1500; 1. Texts and spelling; 2. Middle English sounds
3. Middle English morphology4. Middle English syntax; 5. Middle English word formation; 6. Middle English dialects; 7. Conclusion; Keywords; Exercises; Appendix A. Layamon; Appendix B. Piers Plowman; Appendix C. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight; Appendix D. Chaucer; Appendix E. Anonymous lyrics; Appendix F. Paston Letters; 7. Early Modern English: 1500-1700; 1. Printing, literacy, and texts; 2. Early Modern English spelling and sounds; 3. Early Modern English morphology; 4. Early Modern English syntax; 5. The Early Modern English lexicon; 6. Attitudes towards a standard
7. Regional and register varieties8. Editorial and authorship issues; 9. Conclusion; Keywords and terms; Exercises; Appendix A. Elizabeth's translation of Boethius compared to others; Appendix B. Shakespeare's The Tempest; Appendix C. Alexander Hume on orthography; Appendix D. Dorothy Osborne's letters; Appendix E. Isaac Newton on optics; 8. Modern English: 1700-the present; 1. External history and sources; 2. Modern English spelling and sounds; 3. Modern English morphology; 4. Modern English syntax; 5. The Modern English lexicon; 6. Attitudes towards linguistic differences
7. Some regional and register varieties
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