MariaDB cookbook : over 95 recipes to unlock the power of MariaDB / Daniel Bartholomew ; cover image by Aniket Sawant.

Bartholomew, Daniel, author.
Birmingham, England : Packt Publishing, 2014. , ©2014
Quick answers to common problems
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Database management.
Open source software.
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A practical cookbook, filled with advanced recipes , and plenty of code and commands used for illustration,which will make your learning curve easy and quick.This book is for anyone who wants to learn more about databases in general or MariaDB in particular. Some familiarity with SQL databases is assumed, but the recipes are approachable to almost anyone with basic database skills.
Cover; Copyright; Credits; About the Author; About the Reviewers;; Table of Contents; Preface; Chapter 1: Getting Started with MariaDB; Introduction; Installing MariaDB on Windows; Installing MariaDB on Linux; Installing MariaDB on Mac OS X; Enabling the Feedback plugin; Switching between InnoDB and XtraDB; Creating a backup user; Making backups with XtraBackup; Making backups with mysqldump; Checking and optimizing tables automatically with mysqlcheck and cron; Using progress reporting in the mysql client; Chapter 2: Diving Deep into MariaDB; Introduction
Importing the data exported by mysqldumpUsing SHOW EXPLAIN with running queries; Using LIMIT ROWS EXAMINED; Using INSTALL SONAME; Producing HTML output; Producing XML output; Migrating a table from MyISAM to Aria; Migrating a table from MyISAM or Aria to InnoDB or XtraDB; Chapter 3: Optimizing and Tuning MariaDB; Introduction; Using SHOW STATUS to check if a feature is being used; Controlling MariaDB optimizer strategies; Using extended keys with InnoDB and XtraDB; Configuring the Aria two-step deadlock detection; Configuring the MyISAM segmented key cache; Configuring threadpool
Configuring the Aria pagecacheOptimizing queries with the subquery cache; Optimizing semijoin subqueries; Creating an index; Creating a full-text index; Removing an index; Using JOINs; Using microseconds in the DATETIME columns; Updating DATETIME and TIMESTAMP columns automatically; Chapter 4: TokuDB Storage Engine; Introduction; Installing TokuDB; Configuring TokuDB; Creating TokuDB tables; Migrating to TokuDB; Adding indexes to TokuDB tables; Modifying the compression of a TokuDB table; Chapter 5: The CONNECT Storage Engine; Introduction; Installing the CONNECT storage engine
Creating and dropping CONNECT tablesReading and writing CSV data using CONNECT; Reading and writing XML data using CONNECT; Accessing MariaDB tables using CONNECT; Using the XCOL table type; Using the PIVOT table type; Using the OCCUR table type; Using the WMI table type; Using the MAC address table type; Chapter 6: Replication in MariaDB; Introduction; Setting up replication; Using global transaction IDs; Using multisource replication; Enhancing the binlog with row event annotations; Configuring binlog event checksums; Selectively skipping replication of binlog events
Chapter 7: Replication with MariaDB Galera ClusterIntroduction; Installing MariaDB Galera Cluster; Dropping a node from a MariaDB Galera Cluster; Shutting down a MariaDB Galera Cluster; Chapter 8: Performance and Usage Statistics; Introduction; Installing the Audit Plugin; Using the Audit Plugin; Using engine-independent table statistics; Using extended statistics; Enabling the performance schema; Using the performance schema; Chapter 9: Searching Data using Sphinx; Introduction; Installing SphinxSE in MariaDB; Installing the Sphinx daemon on Linux; Installing the Sphinx daemon on Windows
Configuring the Sphinx daemon
Includes index.
"Quick answers to common problems"--Cover.
Description based on online resource; title from PDF title page (ebrary, viewed April 4, 2014).
Sawant, Aniket, cover designer.
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