Building web and mobile ArcGIS server applications with JavaScript : master the ArcGIS API for JavaScript, and build exciting, custom web and mobile GIS applications with the ArcGIS server / Eric Pimpler.

Pimpler, Eric.
Birmingham, England : Packt Publishing Ltd, 2014.
1 online resource (275 p.)
1st edition
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An easy to follow tutorial, this book uses a step-by-step approach with exercises designed to give you hands-on experience with this technology. If you are a web or mobile application developer, who wants to create GIS applications in your respective platform, this book is ideal for you. You will need Java Script programming experience to get the most out of this book. Although designed as an introductory to intermediate level book, it will also be useful for more advanced developers who are new to the topic of developing applications with ArcGIS Server.
Cover; Copyright; Credits; About the Author; About the Reviewers;; Table of Contents; Preface; Chapter 1: Introduction to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; Basic HTML page concepts; The HTML DOCTYPE declaration; Primary tags; Validating HTML code; JavaScript fundamentals; Commenting in code; Variables; JavaScript and case sensitivity; Variable datatypes; Decision-supporting statements; Looping statements; Functions; Objects; Basic CSS principles; CSS syntax; Inline styling; Internal style sheets; External style sheets; Separating HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; Summary
Chapter 2: Creating Maps and Adding Layers Introduction; The ArcGIS API for JavaScript Sandbox; Basic steps for creating an application with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript; Creating HTML code for a web page; Referencing the ArcGIS API for JavaScript; Loading modules; Legacy or AMD Dojo?; Making sure Document Object Model is available; Creating the map; Creating the page content; Styling the page; The complete code; More about the map; Working with map service layers; Using layer classes; Tiled map service layers; Dynamic map service layers; Adding layers to the map
Setting visible layers from a map service Setting a definition expression; Map navigation; Map navigation widgets and tool bars; Map navigation using the mouse and keyboard; Getting and setting the map extent; Map events; Summary; Chapter 3: Adding Graphics to the Map; The four parts of a graphic; Creating geometry for graphics; Symbolizing graphics; Assigning attributes to graphics; Displaying graphic attributes in an info template; Creating graphics; Adding graphics to the graphics layer; Multiple graphics layers; Time to practice with graphics; Summary; Chapter 4: The Feature Layer
Creating a Feature Layer object Optional constructor parameters; Defining display modes; Snapshot mode; The on-demand mode; The selection-only mode; Setting a definition expression; Feature selection; Rendering a feature layer; Time to practice with Feature Layer; Summary; Chapter 5: Using Widgets and Tool bars; Adding tool bars to an application; Steps for creating a toolbar; Defining CSS styles; Creating buttons; Creating an instance of the Navigation toolbar; User interface widgets; The Basemap Gallery widget; The Bookmarks widget; The Print widget; The Geocoder widget
Time to practice with the Geocoder widget The Gauge widget; The Measurement widget; The Popup widget; The Legend widget; The Overview Map widget; The Scalebar widget; The Directions widget; The Histogram Time Slider dijit; The Home Button widget; The Locate Button widget; The Time Slider widget; The Layer Swipe widget; Analysis widgets; Feature editing; Feature service; The editing widgets; The Editor widget; The Template Picker widget; The Attribute Inspector widget; The Attachment Editor widget; The Edit toolbar; Summary; Chapter 6: Performing Spatial and Attribute Queries
Introducing tasks in ArcGIS Server
Includes index.
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