Topographical anatomy with autopsy guide and clinical notes / Jiři Valenta, Pavel Fiala.

Valenta, Jiří, author.
Second edition.
Prague, [Czech Republic] : Karolinum Press, 2013.
1 online resource (169 p.)
Anatomy, Surgical and topographical -- Popular works.
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""CONTENTS""; ""PREFACE""; ""1. TOPOGRAPHY OF THE HEAD""; ""1.1 Cerebral part of the head""; ""1.1.1 Superficial regions of the head, cranium and cranial base""; ""1.1.2 Infratemporal fossa and the deep regions of the head""; ""1.2 Facial part of the head""; ""1.2.1 Superficial regions""; ""1.2.2 Oral region and oral cavity""; ""1.2.3 Nasal region and nasal cavity""; ""1.2.4 Orbital region, orbit and eye""; ""1.2.5 Ear and vestibulocochlear organ""; ""1.3 Anatomical dissection of the head""; ""2. TOPOGRAPHY OF THE NECK""; ""2.1 Fasciae of the neck""; ""2.2 Anterior cervical region""
""2.3 Lateral cervical region""""2.4 Anatomical dissection of the neck""; ""3. TOPOGRAPHY OF THE CHEST""; ""3.1 Orientation lines and superficial regions""; ""3.2 Thoracic wall""; ""3.3 Thoracic cavity""; ""3.3.1 Pleural cavity""; ""3.3.2 Mediastinum""; ""3.4 Surface anatomy""; ""3.5 Anatomical dissection of the chest""; ""4. TOPOGRAPHY OF THE ABDOMEN""; ""4.1 Orientation lines and abdominal regions""; ""4.2 Anterolateral abdominal wall""; ""4.3 Abdominal cavity""; ""4.3.1 Peritoneal cavity""; ""4.3.2 Extraperitoneal spaces""; ""4.4 Surface anatomy""
""4.5 Anatomical dissection of the abdomen""""5. TOPOGRAPHY OF THE PELVIS AND PERINEUM""; ""5.1 Pelvic cavity � infraperitoneal space""; ""5.2 Perineum""; ""5.2.1 Anal region""; ""5.2.2 Urogenital region""; ""5.3 Anatomical dissection of the pelvis""; ""6. TOPOGRAPHY OF THE BACK""; ""6.1 Superficial regions and surface anatomy""; ""6.2 Muscles of the back and the suboccipital region""; ""6.3 Vertebral canal and vertebromedullary topography""; ""6.4 Anatomical dissection of the back""; ""7. TOPOGRAPHY OF THE UPPER EXTREMITY""; ""7.1 Scapular region""; ""7.2 Infraclavicular region""
""7.3 Deltoid region""""7.4 Axillary region (axillary fossa)""; ""7.5 Brachial region""; ""7.6 Cubital region""; ""7.7 Antebrachial region""; ""7.8 Carpal region""; ""7.9 Regions of the hand""; ""7.10 Anatomical dissection of the upper etremity""; ""8. TOPOGRAPHY OF THE LOWER EXTREMITY""; ""8.1 Gluteal region""; ""8.2 Femoral region""; ""8.3 Region of the knee""; ""8.4 Region of the leg (crural region)""; ""8.5 Calcanear and retromalleolar regions""; ""8.6 Regions of the foot""; ""8.7 Anatomical dissection of the lower extremity""; ""REFERENCES""
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Fiala, Pavel, author.
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