AngularJS web application development blueprints : a practical guide to developing powerful web applications with AngularJS / Vinci Rufus ; cover image by Faiz Fattohi.

Rufus, Vinci, author.
Birmingham, England : Packt Publishing, 2014.
1 online resource (300 p.)
1st edition
Community experience distilled.
Community Experience Distilled

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If you are a web application developer interested in using AngularJS for a real-life project, then this book is for you. As a prerequisite, knowledge of JavaScript and HTML is expected, and a working knowledge of AngularJS is preferred.
Cover; Copyright; Credits; About the Author; About the Reviewers;; Table of Contents; Preface; Chapter 1: Introduction to AngularJS and the Single Page Application; Delving into Single Page Apps; Anatomy of a simple AngularJS app; Models and views; Building an Address Book App; Understanding the scope in AngularJS; Styling the app; Sorting the contacts alphabetically; Adding contacts to the Address Book; The ng-show and ng-hide directives; Summary; Chapter 2: Setting Up Your Rig; Setting up Node.js; Creating a simple Node.js web server with ExpressJS; Setting up Grunt
Installing Grunt-cliCreating the package.json file; Creating your Grunt tasks; Grunt tasks to merge and concatenate files; Running shell commands via Grunt; Yeoman - the workflow tool; Installing Yeoman; Running your app; Unit testing with Karma; Using Protractor for End-to-End tests; Installing Selenium Server; Understanding the example_spec.js file; Understanding the conf.js file; Writing your own Protractor test cases; Summary; Chapter 3: Rapid Prototyping with AngularJS; Understanding the application that we will Prototype; Introducing Grid Layouts and Bootstrap
Understanding the grid systemIntroducing Angular UI; UI-Utils; UI-Modules; UI-Bootstrap; NG-Grid; UI-Router; IDE Plugins; Prototyping the Healthy Living website; Adding the ui.bootstrap dependency; Creating the navigation bar; Adding the carousel; Tweaking the hero unit; Adding the three content blocks; Creating a new view; Understanding routes; Building the articles view; Accordions using Angular Bootstrap; Building the image gallery; Gallery view using Bootstrap Thumbnail; Adding the star rating; Building data grids using NG-Grid; Adding the NG-Grid component; Grouping data in NG-Grid
Excel-style editing in NG-GridCreating a modal window to add subscribers; Real-time form validations; Summary; Chapter 4: Using REST Web Services in Your AngularJS App; Understanding the response from a REST API; Testing a RESTful web service; Jump starting your app development with Angular Seed; Files and folders in Angular Seed; Adding Bootstrap libraries; Starting your Node web server; Mark-up our Layout; Creating the routes; Understanding AngularJS services; Writing your first factory service; Dependency Injection; Coding the partial; Calling the REST web service using http
Using promise for asynchronous callsDisplaying data from the JSON response; Unit testing our application; Mocking http during Unit testing; Creating a Pinterest style layout; Adding actions to the buttons; Summary; Chapter 5: Facebook Friends'' Birthday Reminder App; Understanding the Facebook SDK; The Social Graph; The Graph API; The Graph API Explorer; Creating your Facebook app; Setting up our project; Running your application; Delving into AngularJS directives; What is a directive?; Importance of naming conventions for directives; The anatomy of a directive; Writing our first directive
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Includes index.
Description based on online resource; title from PDF title page (ebrary, viewed September 5, 2014).
Fattohi, Faiz, cover designer.