The economic impact of the 2014 ebola epidemic : short- and medium-term estimates for West Africa.

Washington, District of Columbia : World Bank Group, 2014.
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Ebola virus disease -- Economic aspects -- Africa, West.
Epidemics -- Economic aspects -- Africa, West.
Public health -- Economic aspects -- Africa, West.
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Beyond its terrible toll in human lives and suffering, the Ebola epidemic has inflicted a measurable economic impact on West Africa in terms of forgone output, higher fiscal deficits, rising prices, lower real household incomes, and greater poverty. This impact results partly from the health-care costs and forgone productivity associated with being infected, but it is driven principally by the efforts of the uninfected population to avoid exposure ('aversion behavior'). The Economic Impact of the 2014 Ebola Epidemic: Short- and Medium-Term Estimates for West Africa provides a mixed methods ana
Cover; Contents; Foreword; Acknowledgments; Abbreviations; Executive Summary; Tables; ES.1 Lost GDP Due to Ebola, in Dollars and as a Percentage of 2013 GDP; 1. Introduction; Overview; Channels of Impact; Structure of the Report; Figures; 1.1 Broad Channels of Short-Term Economic Impact; 2. Short-Term Effects and Fiscal Impacts; Introduction; Liberia; 2.1 Liberia-Estimated GDP Impact of Ebola (2014); 2.1 Liberia-Cement Sales (2010-14); 2.2 Liberia-Fuel Sales (2010-14); 2.3 Liberia-Inflation and Food Prices (2014); 2.4 Liberia-Movement of Daily Exchange Rate since the Crisis (2014)
2.2 Liberia-Estimated Fiscal Impact of Ebola in 2014 (as estimated on October 1, 2014)Sierra Leone; 2.5 Sierra Leone-Weekly Cement Sales (2014); 2.6 Sierra Leone-Visitor Arrivals (2014); 2.7 Sierra Leone-Diesel Fuel Sales Volume (2014); 2.3 Sierra Leone-Estimated GDP Impact of Ebola (2014); 2.8 Sierra Leone-Share of Households with Insufficient Food Stocks (2011); 2.9 Sierra Leone-Soft Drink Sales (2014); 2.10 Sierra Leone-Inflation and Food Prices (2014); 2.11 Sierra Leone-Exchange Rate (2014); 2.12 Sierra Leone-Remittances (2013-14); Guinea
2.4 Sierra Leone-Estimated Fiscal Impact of Ebola in 2014 (as estimated on October 1, 2014)Neighboring Economies; 2.5 Guinea-Estimated GDP Impact of Ebola (2014); 2.13 Guinea-Inflation and Food Prices (2014); 2.14 Guinea-US Dollar-Guinean Franc Nominal Exchange Rate (2014); 2.6 Guinea-Estimated Fiscal Impact of Ebola in 2014 (as estimated on October 1, 2014); Box; 2.1 Containing the Epidemic in Senegal and Nigeria; Conclusion; 2.7 Forgone GDP Due to Ebola in Three Most Affected Countries (2014); 3. Medium-Term Impacts; Methods of Estimation; 3.1 Relationship across Models
Scenarios of the Ebola EpidemicEstimates of the Impact of Ebola; 3.1 Liberia-Estimated GDP Impact of Ebola (2015); 3.2 Liberia-Real GDP at Factor Cost (2013-15); 3.3 Headcount Poverty Rate under Alternative Scenarios (2013-15); 3.2 Sierra Leone-Estimated GDP Impact of Ebola (2015); 3.3 Guinea-Estimated GDP Impact of Ebola (2015); 3.4 Ebola Impact Index and National GDP under the Low Ebola Scenario; 3.4 Assumptions about Changes in Factor Availability in the West Africa Region as Compared with the Baseline (2014-15)
3.5 Annual GDP Growth Rates of the West Africa Region in the Baseline and the Low Ebola and High Ebola Scenarios (2013-15)3.5 Impact of Ebola on GDP and Annual Growth Rates for West Africa (2013-15); Conclusion; 3.6 Lost GDP Due to Ebola over the Short and Medium Run; 4. Concluding Remarks; Containing the Epidemic; Fiscal Support; Restoring Investor Confidence; Strengthening the Surveillance, Detection, and Treatment Capacity of African Health Systems; Appendices; A. Sector Decomposition of GDP; A.1 Estimation of Revised Country-Level GDP for Liberia (2014)
A.2 Estimation of Revised Country-Level GDP for Sierra Leone (2014)
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