E-business in the 21st century [electronic resource] : realities, challenges, and outlook / Jun Xu, Mohammed Quaddus.

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Xu, Jun, Ph. D., 1960-
Hackensack, NJ : World Scientific, c2010.
Intelligent information systems ; v. 2.
Intelligent information systems ; v. 2
1 online resource (464 p.)
Electronic commerce.
Customer relations -- Management.
Electronic books.
Embarking on electronic business is a challenging task. There is also a lack of clear understanding and comprehensive analysis of various issues and domains of electronic business. This book offers a very comprehensive analysis of concepts, models and infrastructures of e-business. It also presents unique observations of current e-business practices for different organizations in different economies and provides insights on the future of current leading businesses on the net and the trends of e-business. The volume will be an effective and indispensable reference book for professionals who are
CONTENTS; Introduction; Contents; Section 1. Overview of Current Status of E-Business; Chapter 1 Overview-Part I: Foundation of E-business and E-business Technologies Jun Xu and Mohammed Quaddus; 1. Foundation of Electronic Business; 1.1. The Rapid Growth of the Internet and Electronic Business; 1.2. Understanding E-business; 1.3. Impacts of Electronic Business; 1.4. Security, Privacy, Policy and Governance Issues Associated with E-business; 1.5. E-strategy Planning & Implementation; Strategy Initiation; Strategy Formulation; Strategy Implementation; Project and Strategy Assessment
1.6. Launching a Successful E-Start-up 2. E-Business Technologies; 2.1. E-Business Information Technology Infrastructure; 2.2. Enterprise Applications/Systems; 2.3. Data Warehouse and Data Mining; 2.4. Integration; 2.5. Addressing Security & Privacy Concerns through Technology; 3. Conclusions; References; Chapter 2 Overview-Part II: B2C, B2B and Other Types of E-business Jun Xu and Mohammed Quaddus; 1. B2C E-Business; 1.1. E-tailing; 1.2. Providing Services Online; 1.3. B2C Online Payments Systems; 1.4. Internet Marketing; Understanding online consumers; Online market research
Maintain good relationship with customers online Online advertising; 2. B2B E-Business; 2.1. Basic Types of B2B E-Business; 2.2. B2B E-payment Systems; 2.3. B2B E-business and Supply Chain; 3. Other Types of E-business; 3.1. Consumer-to-Consumer E-business; 3.2. Blogs, Wikis & Social Networks; Blogs & Wikis; Social networks; 3.3. Mobile Business; 4. Conclusions; References; Section 2. Studies of E-Business Issues and Challenges; Chapter 3 Factors Influencing Online Auction Adoption: A China Study Mohammed Quaddus and Jun Xu; 1. Introduction; 2. Background; 2.1. Theoretical Foundation
3. The Proposed Research Model and Hypotheses 3.1. The Proposed Research Model; 3.2. Hypotheses; Primary Hypotheses; Secondary hypotheses; 4. Research Method; 4.1. Measures; 4.2. Sample and Procedure; 4.3. Operational Measures of the Constructs; Trust; Behavioural Control; Consequences; Attitude; Subject Norm; Personal Innovativeness; Buying Intention; 4.4. Data Examination; 5. Results; 5.1. Assessment of Measurement Properties; 5.2. The Structural Model and Tests of Hypotheses; 6. Results and Implications; 7. Conclusions; References
Chapter 4 Factors Influencing Online Advertising: A National Survey Among Small & Medium Enterprises in Australia Jan Heiligtag, Jun Xu and Mohammed Quaddus 1. Introduction; 2. Background; 3. Hypotheses of the Study; Hypotheses related to the innovation characteristics:; Hypotheses related to the environmental characteristics:; Hypotheses related to the organisational characteristics:; 4. The National Survey; 5. Results of the National Survey; 5.1. Demographic Information; 5.2. Independent t-tests; 5.3. Logistic Regression; 5.4. Conclusions Regarding the Research Issues
5.4.1. Conclusions regarding the current status of online advertising in Australian SMEs
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Quaddus, M. A.
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