Game console hacking [electronic resource] : have fun while voiding your warranty / Joe Grand, Frank Thornton, Albert Yarusso.

Grand, Joe.
Rockland, MA : Syngress Publishing, c2004.
1 online resource (593 p.)

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The worldwide video game console market surpassed 10 billion in 2003. Current sales of new consoles is consolidated around 3 major companies and their proprietary platforms: Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. In addition, there is an enormous installed ""retro gaming"" base of Ataria and Sega console enthusiasts. This book, written by a team led by Joe Grand, author of ""Hardware Hacking: Have Fun While Voiding Your Warranty"", provides hard-core gamers with they keys to the kingdom: specific instructions on how to crack into their console and make it do things it was never designed to do.
Front Cover; Game Console Hacking; Copyright Page; Contents; Foreword; Introduction 2.0; Introduction; Part I: Introduction to Hardware Hacking; Chapter 1. Tools of the Warranty-Voiding Trade; Introduction; The Essential Tools; Basic Hardware Hacking; Advanced Projects and Reverse Engineering; Where to Obtain the Tools; Chapter 2. Case Modifications: Building an Atari 2600PC; Introduction; Choosing your Features: Why the Atari 2600?; Preparing for the Hack; Performing the Hack; In Conclusion; Resources and Other Hacks; Part II: Modern Game Consoles; Chapter 3. The Xbox; Introduction
Opening the Xbox Controller Hacks; Getting Inside Your Controller; Xbox Networking Hacks; Creating Your Own Crossover Cable; Extending the Network Status LED's to the Front Panel; Wireless Networking Hacks; Installing a Modchip; Running Linux on an Unmodified Xbox; Other Hacks; Homebrew Game Development; Xbox Resources on the Web; Chapter 4. PlayStation 2; Introduction; Commercial Hardware Hacking: Modchips; Getting Inside the PS2; Installing a Serial Port; Booting Code from the Memory Card; Other Hacks: Independent Hard Drives; PS2 Technical Details; Homebrew Game Development
PS2 Resources on the Web Part III: Handheld Game Platforms; Chapter 5. Nintendo Game Boy Advance; Introduction; A Very Brief History of Nintendo; Opening the GBA Console; Replacing the Display Lens; Light Up Your LCD with the GBA Afterburner Mod; Enhancing Your Afterburner with the GBA Stealth Dimmer Chip; Nintendo GBA Technical Specifications; Homebrew Game Development; Other Hacks; Nintendo GBA Resources on the Web; Chapter 6. Gamepark 32 (GP32); Introduction; Out of the Box: Configuring Your GP32; Opening the GP32 Console; Replacing the GP32 Screen Cover; Repairing Your Buttons
Accelerating Your GP32 (CPU Core Voltage Increase)Creating a DC Power Adapter; Installing the Multifirmware Loader; Homebrew Game Development; Other Hacks; GP32 Resources on the Web; Part IV: Retro and Classic Systems; Chapter 7. Nintendo NES; Introduction; Opening the NES Console; Replacing the 72-Pin Cartridge Connector; Blue Power LED Modification; Disabling the NES ""Lockout Chip""; Opening an NES Game Cartridge; Replacing the Battery in Certain Game Cartridges; Creating an EPROM Cartridge for Homebrew Game Development; Homebrew Game Development; Other Hacks; NES Resources on the Web
Chapter 8. Atari 2600 Introduction; Atari 2600 Left-Handed Joystick Modification; Repair Your Atari 2600 Joysticks; Revitalize Your Atari 2600 Paddles; Use an NES Control Pad with your 2600; Atari 2600 S-Video/Audio Mod; Atari 2600 Stereo Audio Output; Homebrew Game Development; Atari 2600 Resources on the Web; Chapter 9. Atari 5200; Introduction; Opening the Atari 5200; Atari 5200 Blue LED Modification; Atari 5200 Two-Port BIOS Replacement; Creating an Atari 5200 Paddle Controller; Freeing Yourself from the 5200 Four-Port Switchbox; Atari 5200 Video and Audio Upgrade Modification; Other Hacks
Homebrew Game Development
Includes index.
Thornton, Frank.
Yarusso, Albert.