Mastering LOB development for Silverlight 5 [electronic resource] : a case study in action : develop a full LOB Silverlight 5 application from scratch with the help of expert advice and an accompanying case study : [professional expertise distilled] / Braulio Díez Botella ... [et al.].

Botella, Braulio Díez.
Olton Birmingham [England] : Packt Pub., 2012.
1 online resource (430 p.)

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This highly practical, expert level tutorial teaches you to build a Line of Business application with the aid of a case study which gradually builds throughout the book. It also includes a jumpstart chapter for developers coming from other technologies. If you already have a firm grasp of Silverlight development and are keen to advance your specialist knowledge of Line of Business (LOB) application development, then Expert Line of Business Application Development for Silverlight 5: Quick Start Guide is for you. If you are a developer with experience of other technologies, you may also find thi
Cover; Copyright; Credits; Foreword; About the Authors; About the Reviewers;; Table of Contents; Preface; Chapter 1: Express Introduction to Silverlight; Introduction to Silverlight; Installation; Silverlight architecture; Creating the Hello World project; Creating a new project; Coding directly into the markup language; Dragging-and-dropping controls; Interacting with Code-Behind; XAML basic concepts; What is XAML?; Basic elements for layout definition; Canvas; StackPanel; Grid; Controls; LOB application case study: applying what we have learned; Summary
Additional resourcesChapter 2: Forms and Browsing; Controls definitions; Creating windows and controls; UserControl; Example of UserControl; Instantiating the control from code (Code-Behind); Page control; Creating modal dialogs; Example of modal dialogs; Navigation; Navigating the Web; Silverlight Navigation Framework; Integrating Navigation Framework in the browser; UriMapper; Frame; Creating a sample Navigation Application; Adding a new page; Navigation control services; URI parameters; Deep Linking; LOB application case study: applying what we have learnt; MapView.XAML page
AdminView.XAML PageModal AdminEditionView.xaml dialog; Summary; Additional resources; Chapter 3: Data Binding; Understanding DataSource; Path; Binding sources; DataContext; Change notifications; Data binding modes; Introducing the ViewModel; ViewModel example; Dependency properties; Data binding from Code-Behind; Adding validations; BindingValidationError; DataAnnotations; Converters; IValueConverter; LOB application case study: applying what we have learned; Entity classes; ObservableCollection; AdminViewModel object; Data binding; Summary; Additional resources; Chapter 4: Architecture
PatternsMVVM pattern; Creating an MVVM-based sample application; Creating the project structure; Coding the project; MVVM Light Toolkit; ViewModelBase; RelayCommand; Messenger; Managed Extensibilty Framework (MEF); MEF definitions; Parts and contracts; Composition; Creating a mock model using MEF; Solution and folder structure; LOB application case study: applying what we have learned; Project structure; Folder structure; Main solution structure; Libraries; Packt.Libs.Navigation; Packt.Libs.Threading; Packt.Libs.Utils; Packt.Libs.Windows; Summary; Additional resources
Chapter 5: RIA Services Data AccessAccessing data; RIA services pieces; Creating a Domain Service and consuming it from a Silverlight application; CRUD; Read; Create; Update; Delete; Error control; Simple data binding; Validation; DataAnnotations; Simple validations; Custom and shared validations; Entity-level validations; Domain Services validations; Server validations; Asynchronous validations; Advanced topics; Cancelling changes; Transactions; Domain Service and partial classes; Include; Composition; Solving the many-to-many relationship issue; RIA services and MVVM
Encapsulating RIA services in a model
Includes index.