The student leadership challenge [electronic resource] : facilitation and activity guide / James M. Kouzes, Barry Posner.

Kouzes, James M.
Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, 2013.
1 online resource (208 p.)
3rd ed.
J-B Leadership Challenge: Kouzes/Posner.
J-B Leadership Challenge: Kouzes/Posner

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This book gives educators the flexible, modularized building blocks for teaching students how to apply Kouzes and Posner's Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership. The guide includes language, guidance, and activities for teaching each Practice and its associated leadership behaviors, as well as tips for coaching students through their leadership development. It also includes direction on using the Student Leadership Practices Inventory, advice for working with students using the Student Workbook and Personal Leadership Journal, and curriculum suggestions for different educational contex
The Student Leadership Challenge: Facilitation and Activity Guide; Copyright; Contents; Welcome to the Student Leadership Challenge; About the Student Leadership Challenge; The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership; How to Use the Facilitation and Activity Guide; How to Use the Student Workbook; Student LPI; Personal Leadership Journal; Module 1: Introduction; Framing the Student Leadership Challenge Core Philosophy for Your Students; 1. Leadership Is Everyone's Business; 2. Leadership Is Learned; 3. Leadership Is a Relationship; 4. Leadership Development Is Self-Development
5. Learning to Lead Is an Ongoing Process 6. Leadership Requires Deliberate Practice; 7. Leadership Is an Aspiration and a Choice; 8. Leadership Makes a Difference; Origins of the Model; Activity 1.1: Personal-Best Leadership Experience; Personal-Best Leadership Experience Instructions; Use the Data; A Definition of Leadership; The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership Model; Model the Way: Clarify Values and Set the Example; Inspire a Shared Vision: Envision the Future and Enlist Others; Challenge the Process: Search for Opportunities and Experiment and Take Risks
Enable Others to Act: Foster Collaboration and Strengthen Others Encourage the Heart: Recognize Contributions and Celebrate the Values and Victories; The Student Leadership Practices Inventory; Moving Ahead; Module 2: Using the Student Leadership Practices Inventory; About the Student LPI; Student LPI Self Assessment; Student LPI Observer Assessment; Who the Student LPI Is Designed For; Methodology Used to Create the Student LPI; Reliability and Validity of the Student LPI; Impact on Leadership Development Programs; Using the Student LPI 360 Online
How to Begin Administering the Student LPI 360 Best Practices for Administering the Student LPI 360 Online; Using the Student LPI Paper Version; For More Help; The Student LPI Reports; Interpreting the Student LPI Reports; Positioning the Student LPI Results for Your Students; A Sample Group Debriefing Process for Student LPI Reports; Ways to Leverage the Student LPI Reports; Student LPI Frequently Asked Questions; Module 3: Model the Way: Practice Overview and Guided Discussion; Practice Summary; Framing Model the Way for Your Students
Helping Students Understand and Apply the Behaviors of Model the Way Model the Way Behavior Statements; Further Actions to Improve in Model the Way; Activities to Learn About and Apply Model the Way; Activity 3.1: Values Spotlight; Activity 3.2: Mark Your Calendars; Activity 3.3: Movie Activity: Pay It Forward; Connect Model the Way to Module 8: Personal Leadership Journal; Practice Summary; Module 4: Inspire a Shared Vision: Practice Overview and Guided Discussion; Practice Summary; Framing Inspire a Shared Vision for Your Students
Helping Students Understand and Apply the Behaviors of Inspire a Shared Vision
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Posner, Barry Z.
High, Beth.
Morgan, Gary M.