The elementary teacher's book of lists / Gary Robert Muschla, Judith A. Muschla, and Erin Muschla.

Muschla, Gary Robert, author.
First edition.
San Francisco, California : Jossey-Bass, 2010.
Jossey-Bass teacher.
Jossey-Bass education series.
Jossey-Bass Teacher
Jossey-Bass Education Series
1 online resource (739 p.)
Elementary school teaching -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.
Education, Elementary -- Curricula -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.
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An essential reference for all elementary teachers This comprehensive resource contains useful lists on all the subjects elementary teachers need, from core content to tips on classroom management to advice for students on study skills. The lists highlight vital areas of interest including reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies, developing social skills, developing effective study skills, and working with an inclusive classroom. 350 reproducible lists on a wealth of subjects of interest to elementary teachersAdvice for setting up the classroom, interac
Cover; Titles in the Jossey-Bass Education Book of Lists Series; Jossey-Bass Teacher; Title Page; Copyright; About This Book; About the Authors; Acknowledgments; Section 1: Reading; 1.1 Long Vowels and Spellings; 1.2 Short Vowels and Spellings; 1.3 Special Vowel Sounds and Spellings; 1.4 Vowels and a Final E; 1.5 Consonants and Consonant Sounds; 1.6 Common Phonograms; 1.7 Common Prefixes; 1.8 Common Suffixes; 1.9 Synonyms; 1.10 Antonyms; 1.11 Homographs; 1.12 Homophones; 1.13 Ways to Build Vocabulary; 1.14 Important Words for Primary Students to Know
1.15 Important Words for Elementary Students to Know 1.16 Compound Words; 1.17 Idioms; 1.18 Comprehension Strategies; 1.19 Questions to Aid Comprehension; 1.20 Common Signal Words for Readers; 1.21 How to Find Main Ideas and Supporting Details; 1.22 How to Use Context Clues; 1.23 Habits of Good Readers; 1.24 Overcoming Poor Reading Habits; 1.25 Helping Students Select Books to Read; 1.26 Types of Fiction and Nonfiction Your Students Might Read; 1.27 Important Parts of a Book; 1.28 Major Parts of Stories; 1.29 Reading Log Guidelines; 1.30 Some Suggestions for Student Entries in Reading Logs
1.31 Famous Children's Authors 1.32 Books for Pre-Readers; 1.33 Books for Beginning Readers; 1.34 Great Books for Any Primary or Elementary Classroom; 1.35 Books for Reluctant Readers; 1.36 Books for Young Readers Written by African American Authors; 1.37 Poetry Books for Children; 1.38 Magazines for Children; 1.39 Suggestions for Parents and Guardians to Help Their Children with Reading; 1.40 Reading Teaching Tips; 1.41 Checklist for a Successful Reading Program; Section 2: Writing; 2.1 The Writing Process: The Way Writers Write; 2.2 Habits of Good Student Writers
2.3 Finding Ideas for Writing 2.4 Writing Prompts; 2.5 Developing Writing According to the Five W's and How; 2.6 Basic Structure for Composition; 2.7 High-Frequency Words for Writing; 2.8 Kinds of Sentences; 2.9 Sentence Forms; 2.10 Subjects and Predicates; 2.11 Compound Subjects and Predicates; 2.12 Fragments and Run-Ons; 2.13 Point of View; 2.14 Figurative Language: Similes, Metaphors, and Personification; 2.15 Guidelines for Revision; 2.16 Guidelines for Proofreading; 2.17 Words That Are Easy to Confuse; 2.18 The Parts of Speech; 2.19 Nouns; 2.20 Rules for Forming Plural Nouns
2.21 Special Irregular Plural Nouns 2.22 Possessive Nouns; 2.23 Action Verbs; 2.24 Linking Verbs; 2.25 The Tenses of Verbs; 2.26 Rules for Forming Verb Tenses; 2.27 Irregular Verbs; 2.28 Verb Contractions with Not; 2.29 Rules for Subject-Verb Agreement; 2.30 Pronouns; 2.31 Subject Pronouns; 2.32 Object Pronouns; 2.33 Possessive Pronouns; 2.34 Pronoun Contractions; 2.35 Adjectives; 2.36 Comparing with Adjectives; 2.37 Some Special Adjectives; 2.38 Adverbs; 2.39 Comparing with Adverbs; 2.40 Negative Words; 2.41 Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases; 2.42 Conjunctions; 2.43 Interjections
2.44 Common Abbreviations
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Muschla, Judith A., author.
Muschla-Berry, Erin, author.
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