Apache Struts 2 web application development [electronic resource] : design, develop, test, and deploy your web applications using the Struts 2 framework / Dave Newton.

Newton, Dave.
Birmingham, U.K. : Packt Publishing Ltd., 2009.
1 online resource (384 p.)
1st edition
From technologies to solutions

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Struts framework.
Web site development.
Web sites -- Authoring programs.
Apache (Computer file : Apache Group).
Java -- Computer network resources.
Electronic books.
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A beginner's guide for Java developers
Cover; Table of Contents; Preface; Chapter 1: Struts and Agile Development; Struts 2 in a nutshell; The filter dispatcher; Interceptors; Actions; Results; Plug-ins; Agile in a nutshell; User stories; Testing; Refactoring; Short iterations; Real applications in a nutshell; Making it pretty; JavaScript; Documentation; All of the rest; Getting Started; Creating our own applications; Doing it ""by hand""; Using Maven; Summary; Chapter 2: Basic Configuration; Setting up our environment; A sanity-checking application; Configuring web.xml for Struts 2; Writing our first action
Configuring our first action with XMLConfiguring our result; Choosing an action method; Getting started with our application; Gathering user stories-defining our application; Building skeletal applications using wildcards; Matching multiple wildcards; More wildcard tricks; Packages and namespaces; Creating site navigation; Including external configuration files; Our application so far; Examining our configuration; Configuration via convention and annotations; The Convention Plug-in and action-less actions; The Convention Plug-in and action configuration
Configuring the Convention Plug-in with annotationsSummary; Chapter 3: Actions and ActionSupport; ActionSupport and its interfaces; The Action interface; Action's convenience strings; The TextProvider interface; Detour-action properties, JSPs, and more tags; Continuing with message lookup; Parameterized messages; The LocaleProvider interface; The Validateable and ValidationAware interfaces; Implementing our first user story; Refining our story; Creating the recipe form; Adding some validation; Displaying our error messages; More action interfaces
Detour-creating the list of interfaces to exploreLeveraging the IDE; Using the command line; Examining class files; Additional action interfaces; Preparable interface; Accessing scoped attributes (and request parameters); Accessing servlet objects; Request parameter/action property filtering; Summary; Chapter 4: Results and Result Types; The dispatcher result type; The redirect result type; The redirectAction result type; The chain result type (action chaining); The parse parameter and a usecase detour; Displaying the form; Coding our action; Configuring our success result
Type conversion sneak attackCoding the show action; The FreeMarker and Velocity result types; FreeMarker result configuration; The XSLT result type; The plaintext result; The stream result; The httpheader result; The Tiles and JasperReports results; Creating custom result types; Configuring our custom result type; Writing the action; Implementing our markdown result type; Summary; Chapter 5: OGNL, the Value Stack, and Custom Tags; OGNL; Contents of the value stack and the tag; Escaping values; Default values; Escaping values for JavaScript
Other value stack objects and the debug tag
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Includes bibliographical references and index.