Selected papers of Alan Hoffman with commentary [electronic resource] / edited by Charles Micchelli.

Hoffman, A. J. (Alan Jerome), 1924-
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Works. Selections. 2003
River Edge, N.J. : World Scientific, c2003.
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Combinatorial analysis.
Programming (Mathematics).
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Dr Alan J. Hoffman is a pioneer in linear programming, combinatorial optimization, and the study of graph spectra. In his principal research interests, which include the fields of linear inequalities, combinatorics, and matrix theory, he and his collaborators have contributed fundamental concepts and theorems, many of which bear their names. This volume of Dr Hoffman's selected papers is divided into seven sections: geometry; combinatorics; matrix inequalities and eigenvalues; linear inequalities and linear programming; combinatorial optimization; greedy algorithms; graph spectra. Dr Hoffman has supplied background commentary and anecdotal remarks for each of the selected papers. He has also provided autobiographical notes showing how he chose mathematics as his profession, and the influences and motivations which shaped his career.
Geometry. On the foundations of inversion geometry
Cyclic affine planes
On the number of absolute points of a correlation / with M. Newman, E.G. Straus and O. Taussky
On unions and intersections of cones
Binding constraints and Helly numbers
Combinatorics. A characterization of comparability graphs and of interval graphs / with P.C. Gilmore
Some properties of graphs with multiple edges / with D.R. Fulkerson and M.H. McAndrew
Self-orthogonal Latin squares / R.K. Brayton and Don Coppersmith
On partitions of a partially ordered set / with D.E. Schwartz
Variations on a theorem of Ryser / with Dasong Cao, V. Chvátal and A. Vince
Matrix inequalities and eigenvalues. The variation of the spectrum of a normal matrix / with H.W. Wielandt
Some metric inequalities in the space of matrices / with Ky Fan
On the nonsingularity of complex matrices / with Paul Camion
Combinatorial aspects of Gerschgorin's theorem
Linear G-functions
On the relationship between the Hausdorff distance and matrix distances of ellipsoids / with Jean-Louis Goffin
Bounds for the spectrum of normal matrices / with E.R. Barnes
Linear inequalities and linear programming. On approximate solutions of systems of linear inequalities
Cycling in the simplex algorithm
Computational experience in solving linear programs / with M. Mannos, D. Sokolowsky and N. Wiegmann
On abstract dual linear programs
A proof of the convexity of the range of a nonatomic vector measure using linear inequalities / with Uriel G. Rothblum
A nonlinear allocation problem / with E.V. Denardo, T. Mackenzie and W.R. Pulleyblank.
Combinatorial optimization. Integral boundary points of convex polyhedra / with J.B. Kruska
Some recent applications of the theory of linear inequalities to extremal combinatorial analysis
Finding all shortest distances in a directed network / with S. Winograd
On balanced matrices / with D.R. Fulkerson and Rosa Oppenheim
A generalization of max flow-min cut
On lattice polyhedra III: blockers and anti-blockers of lattice clutters
Local unimodularity in the matching polytope / with Rosa Oppenheim
A fast algorithm that makes matrices optimally sparse / with S. Thomas McCormick
Greedy algorithms. On simple linear programming problems
Totally balanced and greedy matrices / with A.W.J. Kolen and M. Sakarovitch
Greedy packing and series-parallel graphs / with Alan C. Tucker
On simple combinatorial optimization problems
Series parallel composition of greedy linear programming problems / with Wolfgang W. Bein and Peter Brucker
Graph spectra. On the uniqueness of the triangular association scheme
On Moore graphs with diameters 2 and 3 / with R.R. Singleton
On the polynomial of a graph
On the line graph of a symmetric balanced incomplete block design / with D.K. Ray-Chaudhuri
On eigenvalues and colorings of graphs
eigenvalues and partitionings of the edges of a graph
On spectrally bounded graphs
Lower bounds for the partitioning of graphs / with W.E. Donath
Nearest S-matrices of given rank and the Ramsey problem for eigenvalues of bipartite S-graphs / with Peter Joffe.
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Micchelli, Charles A.
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