Fifty synagogue seminars [electronic resource] / Jeremy Hugh Baron.

Baron, J. H. (Jeremy Hugh)
Lanham : Hamilton Books, c2010.
1 online resource (391 p.)
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This book includes didactic essays discussing the Bible, theology, liturgy, social responsibility, and the arts. Each chapter examines a problem that had perplexed Baron, and for which he now provides a detailed evidence-based review together with sources. Baron attempts to assess the relevance of each topic for the twenty-first century.
Contents; Foreword; Acknowledgments; BIBLE; Chapter One. Discoveries of Near-Eastern Sources of Genesis Stories; Chapter Two. Abraham's Tu vi-Sh'vat in February 1821 BCE in Larsa; Chapter Three. Potiphar's Wife: The Trial of Joseph Jacobson; Chapter Four. Bible Women: Eight Heroines, or Villainesses; Chapter Five. Did Jephtha Sacrifice His Daughter?; Chapter Six. Legends of the Queen of Sheba; Chapter Seven. The Man of God from Judah; Chapter Eight. Jezebel and Athaliah: Two Non-Jewish Queens; Chapter Nine. Three Biblical Mistranslations; Chapter Ten. Jesus and Passover 30 CE
Chapter Eleven. Isaac La Peyrère, Biblical Criticism and American Racism Chapter Twelve. Who Wrote Leviticus 10:1-2 and I Kings 14:1-17, 15:25-28?; Chapter Thirteen. Final Report of the Synod of Yavneh, 100 CE; THEOLOGY; Chapter Fourteen. Our Androgynous God-Monad, Dyad, Triad or Tetrad?; Chapter Fifteen. Monotheism and Akhenaten; Chapter Sixteen. The Jewish Colony on Elephantine Island; Chapter Seventeen. The Karaites of Lithuania; Chapter Eighteen. Rashi on Lying in Bed; Chapter Nineteen. Galileo, Newton, Biblical Cosmology and Chronology; Chapter Twenty. Fundamentalism
Chapter Twenty-One. Seven Proselyte Priests LITURGY; Chapter Twenty-Two. Our Babylonian Calendar; Chapter Twenty-Three. Our Babylonian New Years Days; Chapter Twenty-Four. Our Babylonian Week?; Chapter Twenty-Five. A Personal Passover; Chapter Twenty-Six. Pomegranates; Chapter Twenty-Seven. Covering the Head; Chapter Twenty-Eight. Prayers for the Government; Chapter Twenty-Nine. The Decline and Fall of the Jewish Woman and Her Recent Renascence; SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY; Chapter Thirty. Are We in Exile?; Chapter Thirty-One. Jewish Eugenics and Marriage Laws
Chapter Thirty-Two. Is There a Jewish Face?Chapter Thirty-Three. Jewish Sumptuary Laws; Chapter Thirty-Four. Jewish Communal Sick Care from the 14th to 21st Century; Chapter Thirty-Five. Is 'Thou Shalt Not Kill' a Biblical Commandment?; Chapter Thirty-Six. Corporal Punishment of Children in England and the USA; Chapter Thirty-Seven. India's White and Black Jews; Chapter Thirty-Eight. Three Generations of the Lipmann / Weiner / Sonnenfels Family; Chapter Thirty-Nine. Doctors, Religion and the Law
Chapter Forty. The Anglo-American Biomedical Antecedents of Nazi Crimes: A Historical Analysis of Racism, Nationalism, Eugenics and Genocide Chapter Forty-One. The Experimental Psychology of Destructive Obedience and Anti-Semitism; Chapter Forty-Two. Genocidal Doctors; Chapter Forty-Three. Jethro, Roger Williams and the Separation of Church and State; MUSIC; Chapter Forty-Four. Psalms and Hymns; Chapter Forty-Five. A Rejudaisation of Handel's 'Messiah'; Chapter Forty-Six. Byron's Passovers and Isaac Nathan's Melodies
Chapter Forty-Seven. Kol Nidrei, Max Bruch and His 'Hebrew Melodies' of Byron and Nathan
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