Wolff's law and connective tissue regulation [electronic resource] : modern interdisciplinary comments on Wolff's law of connective tissue regulation and rational understanding of common clinical problems / editor, Günter Regling.

Berlin ; New York : W. de Gruyter, 1992.
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Bone remodeling.
Bones -- Pathophysiology.
Connective tissues -- Pathophysiology.
Wolff, Julius, 1836-1902.
Electronic books.
Wolff's Law and Connective Tissue Regulation: Modern Interdisciplinary Comments on Wolff's Law of Connective Tissue Regulation and Rational Understa.
Front matter
I. Historical Background
Julius Wolff and the Law of Bone Remodelling / Zippel, H.
A Noteworthy Meeting of the Society for Nature Research in Zurich Two Important Precursors of Julius Wolff: Carl Culmann and Hermann von Meyer / Rüttimann, B.
Julius Wolff and Friedrich Pauwels. Wolff's Concept of a Causal Therapy of Orthopaedic Diseases Using Biological Adaptation Phenomena and Its Realization by Friedrich Pauwels / Löer, F. / Weigmann, R.
Wolff's Law / Maquet, Paul
II. Theory of Biological Sciences
Biological Explanation and Principle of Causality / Löther, R.
Adaptation and Compensation as Biological Principles of Medical Thinking and Action / Hecht, A.
Feedback Control Processes in Medicine and Technology - a Comparison / Thomas, F.
III. Biomechanical Considerations
Computer Aided Simulation of the Functional Bone Adaptation - a Method to Check a Theory / Kummer, B.
The Bone as a Compression Member in a Cable Tensioning Device: The Example of the Hip / Moser., M. / Hein, W.
Stress-Shape Relationship during Treatment of a Congenital Dislocation of the Hip / Maquet, P.
Computer Simulation of Bone Remodelling in Dentistry and Orthopaedics / Tsutsumi, S. / / Yamamuro, T.
Computerized Reconstruction for the Study of the Three-dimensional Architecture of Trabecular Bone / Merolli, A. / Tranquilli Leali, P. / Gabbi, C. /
IV. Electrophysiological Aspects
Wolffs Law and Its Biophysical Implications / Bassett, C. A. L.
How Do Cells Respond to the Mechanical Environment? / Jones, D. B.
Control of Embryonic Chick Bone Growth by Resonant Electromagnetic Fields / Smith, S. D. / McLcod, B. R. / Liboff, A. R.
Electrostimulation in Biology, Utilities and Side Effects / Berg, H. / Bauer, E.
An integrative Concept for an Electrophysiological Signal System in the Connective Tissue Matrix. The Native Collagen Fibrils as Biosensor and Signal-Conducting Structure Between Nerve and Cell as Well as in the Intercellular Matrix, and a Discussion of the Underlying Mechanism / Regling, G. / Rückmann, H.-I.
V. Blood Supply and Metabolism
Intraosseous Pressure of the Human Patella / Graf, J. / Christophers, R. / Niethard, F. U.
The Mechanoreceptor Hypothesis for Remodeling of Bone and the Influence of Fluorid Therapy for Osteoporosis on It / Abendroth, K.
Metaphyseal Stress Shielding and Transarticular Load Transfer - a Biomechanical Concept of Osteopenia / Schleberger, R. / Bernsmann, K. / Schneider, E. M.
Bone Remodelling in Disuse Osteoporosis / Willert, H.-G. / Enderle, A.
Selenite, Nitrate, and Mercury and their Influence on Regulation Principles in Connective Tissue / Wilsdorf, G.
The Biological Role of Oxygen Radicals, Lipid Peroxidation, and Antioxidative Therapy in Connective Tissue Regulation / Regling, G. / Hager, A. / Wilsdorf, G.
VI. Special Clinical Problems
Model Investigations on the Loading of Bone in the Area of Hip-Joint Prostheses, and New Prosthesis Designs in Consideration of Wolff's Law / Schreiber, A. / Jacob, H. A. C. / Huggler, A. H.
Modes of Adaptation in Noncemented Total Hip Endoprosthesis / Rossak, K.
Cementless Implantation of the Stem of Different Types of Standard Hip Endoprosthesis / Krakovits, G. E.
Bone Adaptation to Dynamic Osteosynthetic Implants / Labitzke, R.
Complex Biophysical-Chemical Therapies for Squamous Cell Carcinoma / Randoll, U. G. / Pangan, R. M. / Dehmlow, R.
VII. Soft Tissue Regulation, Arthrosis, and Arthritis
Superficial Zone of Articular Cartilage after Immobilization and Running Training: Is Proteoglycan Depletion the Clue to the Pathogenesis of Osteoarthrosis? / Helminen, H. J. / Kiviranta, I. / Säämämen, A.-M. / Jurvelin, J. / Paukkonen, K. / Parkkinen, J. / Lammi, M. / Arokoski, J. / Lapveteläinen, T. / Hyttinen, M. / Tammi, M.
Feedback Mechanism in the Synovial System / Dettmer, N.
Oxygen-Multistep Therapy in Degenerative Diseases of The locomotor System / Ardenne, M. von
Intra-articular Measurement of Resting Synovial pO2 (Oxygen Partial Pressure of Synovial Fluid) - a New Point of Intersection for Clinical Research in the Areas of Arthrosis and Pain / Regling, G. / Jessen, N. / Meister, S. / Berg, R.
Immunologic and Immunogenic Background in the Understanding of the Pathogenesis of Lyme Disease / Dostál, C.
A Biological Examination of Inflammatory Rheumatic Diseases: The Example of Spondylitis Ankylopoietica (Bekhterev's Disease) / Regling,, G. / Tunn, P.-U
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