Neurology of music [electronic resource] / editor, F. Clifford Rose.

London : Imperial College Press ; Singapore ; Hackensack, N.J. : Distributed by World Scientific, c2010.
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Mansell Bequest Symposium (2007 : Medical Society of London)
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Music -- Physiological aspects -- Congresses.
Music -- Psychological aspects -- Congresses.
Musical ability -- Congresses.
Neurology -- Congresses.
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The first British book on neurology in music was published over 30 years ago. Edited by Drs Macdonald Critchley and R A Henson, it was entitled ""Music and the Brain"" (published by Wm Heinemann Medical Books), but all of its contributors are now either retired or deceased. Since then, there has been an increasing amount of research, and the present volume includes the most significant of these advances.The book begins with the evolutionary basis of meaning in music and continues with the historical perspectives, after which the human nervous system is compared to a clavichord, highlighting th
The evolutionary basis of meaning in music : some neurological and neuroscientific implications / Ian Cross
Historical perspectives on the study of music in neurology / Julene K. Johnson, Amy B. Graziano, Jacky Hayward
The creative brain : fundamental features, associated conditions and unifying neural mechanisms / Stavia Blunt
The neurologist in the concert hall and the musician at the bedside / George K. York III
The human nervous system
a clavichord? On the use of metaphors in the history of modern neurology / Frank Stahnisch
The musician's brain as a model for adaptive and maladaptive plasticity / Eckart Altenmüller
Temporal co-ordination of the two hands in playing the violin / Mario Wiesendanger
Music as a calibrator of time : auditory processing / Steve Jones
Musical reading and writing / John Brust
Fools at musick : Thomas Willis (1621-1675) on congenital amusia / Marjorie Lorch
Musicogenic epilepsy / Jock Murray
Musical hallucinations / Stefan Evers
Migraine aura as source of artistic inspiration in the German "dark chanteuse" Alwa Glebe ; Musical palinacousis as an aura symptom in persistent aura without infarction / Klaus Podoll
Coloured-hearing synaesthesia in nineteenth-century Italy / Lorenzo Lorusso, Alessandro Porro
Crossed wires : synaesthetic responses to music / Ivan Moseley
The recognition of music in frontotemporal lobar degeneration / Julene K. Johnson
Maurice Ravel and the music of the brain / Ola Selnes
Cerebrovascular disorders of Baroque composers / Tomislav Breitenfeld, Darko Breitenfeld, Vida Demarin
From sensibility to madness in nineteenth-century Romanticism : neurosyphilis in German-speaking composers / Hansjörg Bäzner, Michael Hennerici
Singing : when it helps / Gottfried Schlaug
Singing improves word production in patients with aphasia / Geir Olve Skeie, Torun Einbu, Johan Aarli
Nerve compression syndromes in musicians : a surgeon's view / Ian Winspur
Focal hand dystonia affecting musicians / Katherine Butler.
" ... also derived from a symposium held at the Medical Society of London."--P. ix.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Rose, F. Clifford (Frank Clifford)
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