Europe through Arab eyes, 1578-1727 [electronic resource] / Nabil Matar.

Matar, N. I. (Nabil I.), 1949-
New York : Columbia University Press, c2009.
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Arabs -- Attitudes.
Arab countries -- Relations -- Europe.
Europe -- Relations -- Arab countries.
Europe -- Foreign public opinion, Arab.
Europe -- History -- 17th century -- Sources.
Arab countries -- History -- 1517-1918 -- Sources.
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Traveling to archives in Tunisia, Morocco, France, and England, with visits to Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Spain, Nabil Matar assembles a rare history of Europe's rise to power as seen through the eyes of those who were later subjugated by it. Many historians of the Middle East believe Arabs and Muslims had no interest in Europe during this period of Western discovery and empire, but in fact these groups were very much engaged with the naval and industrial development, politics, and trade of European Christendom. Beginning in 1578 with a major Moroccan victory over a Portuguese i
CONTENTS; Acknowledgments xi; A Note on Transliteration xvii; Chronology xix; List of Rulers xxiii; PART ONE; Introduction 3; I. Popular Sources: Accounts of Muslim Captivity in Christendom 29; The Captives "Speak"-and Write 41; Captivity and the Other 51; Captivity and Karamat 55; Captivity of Women 60; European Captives and New Muslims 65; II. Elite Sources: Muslim Ambassadors in Christendom 72; Al- Nafhah al- Miskiyah 77; Ahmad ibn Qasim and Fakhr al- DIn al- Maʿni II 80; The Widening Exposure 93; Ambassadors and European Women 106; Non-Muslim Ambassadors 114
Conclusion: Encountering the Dunya of the Christians 118Nasr 122; Sinaʿ a/Technology 125; PART TWO; Translations 139; 1. 1578: Letters of Radwan al- Janawy on Muslim Captives, in Tuhfatal- Ikhwan, Rabat National Library, MS Kaf 154, fols. 423-424, 427-428. 141; 2. After 1588: Description of the Defeat of the Armada, by Abu Faris 'Abdal-ʿAziz al- Fishtali, in Rasa'il Saʿdiyah, ed. ʿAbdallah Gannun, 152-157. 144
3. ca. 1589-1591: A Journey from Morocco to Istanbul andBack, in Abu Hasan ʿAli ibn Muhammad ibn ʿAliMuhammad al- Tamjruti:11 Al- Nafhah al- Miskiyah fi ̄al- Safarah al- Turkiyah, ed. ʿAbd al- LatIf al- Shadhili,28-29, 41-42, 65, 74-76, 84-86, 90-94, 128-132, 140-141. 1474. After June 1596: Description of the En glish Attack onCadiz, in Abu Faris ʿAbd al-ʿAzI z al- Fishtali, Manahilal- Safa', ed. ʿAbd al- KarIm KarIm, 193-196. 159
5. 1613-1618: Description of Pisa and Florence, in Lunbanfi ̄ ʿAhd al- Ami ̄r Fakhr al- Di ̄n al- Maʿni al- Thani, ed.Asad Rustum and Fu'ad Afram al- Bustani, 208-224.32 1636. 1623: Expulsion of the Moriscos and the MiraculousRansoming of Muslim Captives, in Al- Muntasir ibn AbiLihya al- Qafsi, Nu ̄ r al- Armash fi ̄ Manaqib al- Qashash,ed. Lutfi ʿIsa and Husayn Bujarrah, 138-141, 151-154. 178
7. 1633-1635: Letters from Tunis by Osman/Thomas d'Arcos,a Convert to Islam, Les Correspondants de Peiresc:Lettres inédites publiées et annotées, ed. PhilippeTamizey de Larroque, 2:23-28, 36-39. French original.46 1868. 1635: Letter About Muslim Captives Converted toChristianity, Rabat National Library, MS Ji ̄m 223,101-103. 192; 9. 1635: Expulsion of the Moriscos, Muhammad ibnʿAbd al- RafI ʿ ibn Muhammad al- Andalusi, Al- Anwaral- Nabawiyah fi ̄ Aba' Khair al- Bariyah, in A. Turki,"Watha'iq al- hijra al- Andalusiyah al- Akhirah,"Hawliyat al- Jamiʿah al- Tunisiyah 4 (1967): 27-39.56 194
10. 1642: Description of the World, in Ahmad ibn Qasim,Nasir al- Di ̄n ʿala al- Qawm al- Kafiri ̄n, ed. MuhammadRazzUq, 95-99.62 200
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