The United States and the world [electronic resource] : from imitation to challenge / Andrzej Mania, ℗Łukasz Wordliczek (eds.).

Krak{acute}ow : Jagiellonian University Press, 2009.
1 online resource (364 p.)
1st ed.

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The conference "The United States and the World: from Imitation to Challenge" was meant to gather those interested in various aspects of the mutual connections between the United States and the world. It concentrated on the problem of the model of American democracy, the presidential system, American politics, American society, American culture and the world's reflections about them from imitation to challenge. For this, there was an invitation to scholars from many research fields: political science, philosophy, law, culture studies, economy, and sociology.
CONTENTS; INTRODUCTION; CONNECTIONS IN THE WORKPLACE AS A WAY OF ACCUMULATING SOCIAL CAPITAL BY POLISH IMMIGRANTS IN THE USA; Social capital in the workplace; Social capital and immigrants; Research results and interpretation; Social capital of Polish immigrants; Social capital in the workplace; Conclusion; CULTURE, SOCIALIZATION, AND POLICY; Celebrity endorsement theory; Data and method; Implications for educators; Discussion and conclusion; Appendix: Selected Survey Questions; HOW TO MAKE STORIES ABOUT THE IRAQI WAR:"COMMODIFIED" MEMORY AND ETHICAL DILEMMAS OF DEMOCRATIC VIOLENCE
IN SEARCH OF DEMOCRATIC EDUCATION. CREATING MYTH, FALSE PROMISE OR BRIGHT FUTURE?Introduction; Cooperation/communication; Democracy; Systemic change; Conclusion; WINDOWS, STREAMS, AND ORGANIZED DISORDER: PRESIDENTIAL STRUGGLE FOR CONTROLOF POLITICAL AGENDA; Leadership situation as an analytical concept; The policy process in Washington D.C. since mid-1970's; The post-modern presidency in search for power; Policy making process as organized disorder; Presidential domination of the political agenda; The elusive nature of presidential success; Conclusions
TO WEIMAR AND BACK? POLAND, THE UNITED STATES, AND THE TRANSATLANTIC SECURITY SPACE A CLASH OF EXPECTATIONS: SORTING OUT WHERE EAST MEETS WEST AFTER THE POLISH MISSILE CRISIS; A multipolar world, divided into sectors; The P5 global sectors: is a realignment needed?; Revisit Teheran and Yalta: "move Poland East"; Kaliningrad or the Crimea: one or the other; Conclusion; THE POLISH MISSILE CRISIS: TRANSATLANTIC TENSIONS SINCE 2008 AMONG POLAND, THE UKRAINE, THE UNITED STATES, AND THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION; Russia's paranoia; Polish and Georgian insecurity; The Polish Missile Crisis
Quid pro quo: Crimea for Kaliningrad? Conclusion; CHALLENGING AMERICANISM: THE PUBLIC DEBATE ABOUT THE "AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE" IN COLD-WAR AND POST-COLD-WAR GREECE; Introduction; The concept of Americanism in postwar Greece (1947-1967); The concept of Americanism in post-authoritarian Greece (1974-1989); The debate about Americanism after the end of the Cold War; Conclusion; UNIVERSAL PICTURES: PROPAGANDA - EXPORT - EXCHANGE; WASHINGTON CONSENSUS: DEAD OR ALIVE?; WHAT DRIVES U.S. OFFICIAL DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANCE (AND WHY IT'S NOT DEVELOPMENT)?; Introduction; U.S. aid after 9/11: driven by what?
MCA: "A herald of change"? Conclusion; CONFRONTING THE GLOBAL FRONTIER: THE PROMOTION OF AMERICAN DEMOCRACY AS A CHALLENGE TO THE MULTI-POLAR WORLD ORDER; Introduction; A global wild West? Americanism and its frontier after September 11th; The visions of hegemony:liberal Pax Americana versus Global Balkans; The democratic crusade of G.W. Bush: a costly fiasco?; Conclusion; AMERICAN "SOFT POWER" AFTER GEORGE W. BUSH'S PRESIDENCY; Introduction; The USA and the World Order in statu nascendi; George W. Bush's presidency; Barack H. Obama's presidency; Conclusion
"Publication was sponsored by the Faculty of the International and Political Studies and the Institute of American Studies and Polish Diaspora, Jagiellonian University." -- t.p. verso.
"This volume is the result of the third international conference 'The United States and the World: from Imitation to Challenge' held in Cracow on May 29-30, 2009." -- Introduction.
Includes bibliographical references.
Mania, Andrzej.
Wordliczek, ℗Łukasz.
Uniwersytet Jagiello{acute}nski. Instytut Nauk Politycznych i Stosunk{acute}ow Mi{ogon}edzynarodowych.
Uniwersytet Jagiello{acute}nski. Instytut Amerykanistyki i Studi{acute}ow Polonijnych.