China-EU trade disputes and their management [electronic resource] / Kong Qingjiang.

Qingjiang, Kong.
Singapore : World Scientific Pub. Co., 2012.
1 online resource (200 p.)

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The European Union (EU) has now become the largest trade partner of China. While Sino-US trade relations and particularly the high-profile trade disputes between the US and China get considerable academic attention for geopolitical reasons, less research has been done on the Sino-EU trade disputes that gradually loom large on the horizon. This book delves into the trade disputes between China and the EU and identifies the causes for trade disputes. It examines how the disputes will shape China-EU trade relations, and offers a macro overview on how the issues can be resolved or at least how the
CONTENTS; Preface; Acknowledgments; Chapter 1 Trade between China and the EU: A Historical Perspective; I. A Retrospective Account of the China-Europe Relationship; The First Period: From 1975 to 1989; The Second Period: From 1989 to 1995; The Third Period: From 1995 Up to Now; II. Current Trade Relations between China and the EU; III. China and the EU in the New Global Economic Landscape; IV. The Evolving Bilateral Legal Framework for China-EU Trade Relations; Implications of the Legal Framework for Trade Relations; V. Concluding Remarks; Chapter 2 Trade Disputes between China and the EU
I. Why Trade Disputes Arise between China and the EUII. Robust China-EU Trade Relations Overshadowed by Prospective Disputes; The EU's Concerns; China's WTO compliance; Trade deficit; Renminbi revaluation; China's Concerns; Major target of anti-dumping measures; China-specific 'non-market economy' denomination; Textiles-related trade defense instruments specifically against Chinese products; Complicated EC technical/SPS standards/environment criteria; Abuse of trade defense instruments against imports from China; Arms sales embargo
III. A Comparison with Trade Disputes between China and the USChapter 3 An Empirical Study of Trade Defense Instruments and Their Uses; I. Introduction; II. How Trade Disputes are Fermented Amid the Use of Trade Defense Instruments; An Overview of EU Trade Defense Instruments2; An Overview of the EU's Anti-dumping Remedies; (1) Administering agencies; (2) Initiation; Application by the community industry; Initiation of complaints; Case Studies; (1) Case history; Case 1: Anti-dumping measures on light bulbs; Case 2: Anti-dumping measures on leather shoes, August 2006
(2) Stakeholders and the community interest test in the use of trade defense instruments(3) Discussions; III. How a Trade Dispute Escalates Amid Cross-Use of Trade Defense Instruments and the WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism; An Overview of China's Trade Defense Instruments; An Analysis of China's Anti-dumping Practices; Case Studies; (1) Case history; (2) Discussions; IV. Comments in Light of WTO Consistency; V. Concluding Remarks; Chapter 4 The EU's Monitoring of China's Compliance with WTO Obligations; I. Introduction; II. Focal Points of China's WTO Compliance; Market Access
Lax Intellectual Property Rights EnforcementAnti-dumping Procedures; Industrial Policies; China's Raw Material Export; Exchange Rate Policy; III. Methods of Monitoring; Multilateral Means; Bilateral Means; Unilateral Means; IV. The EU's and the US's Approach to Monitoring China's Compliance with WTO Commitments; V. Effects of Monitoring; Positive Effects; Negative Effects; VI. Monitoring Continues; Chapter 5 The EU's Trade Policy-Making Mechanism; I. Introduction; II. Agencies Involved in the EU's Trade Policy Making and their Respective Roles; The European Commission
The Council of Ministers
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