The patterns of war since the eighteenth century [electronic resource] / Larry H. Addington.

Addington, Larry H.
Bloomington : Indiana University Press, c1994.
1 online resource (384 p.)
2nd ed.

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Military art and science -- History -- 18th century.
Military art and science -- History -- 19th century.
Military art and science -- History -- 20th century.
Military history, Modern -- 18th century.
Military history, Modern -- 19th century.
Military history, Modern -- 20th century.
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""This important work... synthesizes the evolution of warfare from 1775 to the present."" -Military ReviewA thorough revision of a highly successful text, this new edition provides a comprehensive picture of the evolution of modern warfare.From reviews of the first edition:""There is nothing else in print that tells so much so concisely about how war has been conducted since the days of Gen. George Washington."" -Russell F. Weigley""A superior synthesis. Well written, nicely organized, remarkably comprehensive, and laced with facts."" -Military Affairs
Cover; CONTENTS; PREFACE TO THE SECOND EDITION; PREFACE; 1. FROM DYNASTIC TO NATIONAL WARFARE, 1775-1815; I. Dynastic Warfare; A. Armies; B. Navies; II. The War of the American Revolution, 1775-83; III. The French Revolution and Napoleon, 1789-1815; A. Ideas Borrowed from the Old Royal Army before 1789; B. The Wars of the French Revolution and the Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte, 1789-1802; C. Napoleon and the Imperial Army at Zenith, 1804-7; D. The Decline of French Fortunes in the West and the Anglo-American War of 1812
E. The Decline of Napoleon's Fortunes in the East, the First Abdication, and the Return of the Hundred Days, 1808-152. THE NINETEENTH CENTURY, 1815-71; I. Armies; A. The Long Peace and Military Thought; B. The Technological Revolution in Land Warfare; C. The Prussian General Staff, the Nation-in-Arms, and the Kesselschlacht Doctrine; II. Navies; III. The Mid-Nineteenth Century Wars before 1861; IV. The American Civil War, 1861-65; A. The Opposing Sides; B. Tactics on Land; C. Naval Tactics and Coast Defense; D. Geography and Strategy; E. The Strategic Direction
F. The Eastern Theater to May 1864G. The Western Theater to May 1864; H. The Final Campaigns, May 1864-April 1865; V. The Wars of German Unification, 1864-71; A. The Wars with Denmark and Austria, 1864-66; B. The Franco-Prussian War, 1870-71; 3. THE MARCH TOWARD WORLD WAR, 1871-1914; I. Armies; A. The Spread of the German System and the Technology of Land Warfare; B. The Alliance Systems and Contingency War Plans; C. The Anglo-American Military Experience to 1914; II. Navies; A. The Challenge of the Jeune EĢcole to 1889; B. The Mahanite School of Naval Power, 1890-1914
C. Technical Developments in Navies, 1890-1914III. The Wars, 1871-1914; A. The Russo-Turkish War and Tensions among the Great Powers, 1877-78; B. The Overseas Colonial Wars; C. The Spanish-American War, 1898; D. The Sino-Japanese and Russo-Japanese Wars; E. The Final Wars and Crises before 1914; 4. THE FIRST WORLD WAR, 1914-18; I. The Outbreak and the Stalemate of 1914; A. The Outbreak of War; B. The Opening Battles and Stalemate in the West, 1914; C. The Opening Battles and Stalemate on the Eastern Front, 1914; D. The War at Sea, 1914; II. The Search for Victory, 1915-16
A. Allied Strategy and Operations, 1915B. German Strategy in 1915; C. The War at Sea, 1915; D. The War on Land, 1916; E. The War at Sea, 1916; F. The Rise of Air Power; G. The Development of Armored Fighting Vehicles; III. The Years of Decision, 1917-18; A. The 1917 U-Boat Campaign and America's Entry into the War; B. The Russian Collapse, the French Mutiny, and New German Methods of Land Warfare; C. British Failures and Successes in 1917; D. The Ludendorff Offensives, March-July 1918; E. Foch's Offensives to the End of the War, July-November 1918; 5. BETWEEN THE WORLD WARS, 1919-39
I. The Failure of the Treaty Approach
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Includes bibliographical references (p.[327]-348) and index.