Bernissart dinosaurs and early Cretaceous terrestrial ecosystems [electronic resource] / edited by Pascal Godefroit.

Bloomington : Indiana University Press, c2012.
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Life of the past.
Life of the past

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Iguanodon -- Belgium -- Bernissart.
Paleontology -- Belgium -- Bernissart.
Paleoecology -- Cretaceous.
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In 1878, the first complete dinosaur skeleton was discovered in a coal mine in Bernissart, Belgium. Iguanodon, first described by Gideon Mantell on the basis of fragments discovered in England in 1824, was initially reconstructed as an iguana-like reptile or a heavily built, horned quadruped. However, the Bernissart skeleton changed all that. The animal was displayed in an upright posture similar to a kangaroo, and later with its tail off the ground like the dinosaur we know of today. Focusing on the Bernissant discoveries, this book presents the latest research on Iguanodon and other deniz
Cover; Title; Copyright; Contents; List of Contributors; Preface; Acknowledgments; Part 1 New Investigations into the Iguanodon Sinkhole at Bernissart and Other Early Cretaceous Localities in the Mons Basin (Belgium); 1 Bernissart and the Iguanodons: Historical Perspective and New Investigations; 2 The Attempted Theft of Dinosaur Skeletons during the German Occupation of Belgium (1914-1918) and Some Other Cases of Looting Cultural Possessions of Natural History; 3 A Short Introduction to the Geology of the Mons Basin and the Iguanodon Sinkhole, Belgium
4 3D Modeling of the Paleozoic Top Surface in the Bernissart Area and Integration of Data from Boreholes Drilled in the Iguanodon Sinkhole5 The Karstic Phenomenon of the Iguanodon Sinkhole and the Geomorphological Situation of the Mons Basin during the Early Cretaceous; 6 Geodynamic and Tectonic Context of Early Cretaceous Iguanodon-Bearing Deposits in the Mons Basin; 7 Biostratigraphy of the Cretaceous Sediments Overlying the Wealden Facies in the Iguanodon Sinkhole at Bernissart; 8 On the Age of the Bernissart Iguanodons
9 The Paleoenvironment of the Bernissart Iguanodons: Sedimentological Analysis of the Lower Cretaceous Wealden Facies in the Bernissart Area10 Mesofossil Plant Remains from the Barremian of Hautrage (Mons Basin, Belgium), with Taphonomy, Paleoecology, and Paleoenvironment Insights; 11 Diagenesis of the Fossil Bones of Iguanodon bernissartensis from the Iguanodon Sinkhole; 12 Histological Assessment of Vertebrate Remains in the 2003 Bernissart Drill; 13 Early Cretaceous Dinosaur Remains from Baudour (Belgium)
14 Geological Model and Cyclic Mass Mortality Scenarios for the Lower Cretaceous Bernissart Iguanodon BonebedsPart 2 The Bernissart Iguanodons and Their Kin; 15 Iguanodontian Taxa (Dinosauria: Ornithischia) from the Lower Cretaceous of England and Belgium; 16 The Brain of Iguanodon and Mantellisaurus: Perspectives on Ornithopod Evolution; 17 Hypsilophodon foxii and Other Smaller Bipedal Ornithischian Dinosaurs from the Lower Cretaceous of Southern England; 18 The African Cousins of the European Iguanodontids
19 Anatomy and Relationships of Bolong yixianensis, an Early Cretaceous Iguanodontoid Dinosaur from Western Liaoning, China20 A New Basal Hadrosauroid Dinosaur from the Upper Cretaceous of Kazakhstan; Part 3 Early Cretaceous Terrestrial Ecosystems In and Outside Europe; 21 Dinosaur Remains from the "Sables Verts" (Early Cretaceous, Albian) of the Eastern Paris Basin; 22 Dinosaur Faunas from the Early Cretaceous (Valanginian-Albian) of Spain; 23 New Early Cretaceous Multituberculate Mammals from the Iberian Peninsula; 24 Danish Dinosaurs: A Review
25 The Age of Lycoptera Beds (Jehol Biota) in Transbaikalia (Russia) and Correlation with Mongolia and China
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Godefroit, Pascal, 1967-