Psychology and Criminal Justice : International Review of Theory and Practice. A Publication of the European Association of Psychology and Law / Iván Münnich, János Boros, Márton Szegedi.

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Publications of the European Association of Psychology and Law
Publications of the European Association of Psychology and Law
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Criminal justice, Administration of -- Psychological aspects -- Congresses.
Criminal psychology -- Congresses.
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Introduction / Boros, János / Münnich, Ινán / Szegedi, Márton
Part 1 Children as Witnesses
Videotechnology and the Child Witness / Davies, Graham
Explaining Conversation Rules as a Method to Reduce Suggestibility of the Child Witness / Vrij, Aldert / Mulder, Marianne R. / Cherryman, Julie
Interviewing Children: The Importance of Omission Errors / Hutcheson, Graeme / Baxter, James S. / Telfer, Karen S. / Warden, David
The Defence Mechanisms and the Deformations of the Testimony Given by Sexually Abused Juveniles / Jaskiewicz-Obydzinska, Teresa
Part 2 Cognitive Interview and Police Reaction
Further Perspectives in Cognitive Interviewing: New Directions / Noon, Elizabeth / Boon, Julian
The Effects of the Cognitive Interview on Recall, Recognition and the Confidence/Accuracy Relationship / Gwyer, Patrick / Clifford, Brian R. / Dritschel, Barbara
Cognitive Interview: When Any Context Reinstatement Instruction is Successful / Campos, Laura / Alonso-Quecuty, Marisa
Cognitive Interview: Confronting True and False Statements / Hernandez-Fernaud, Estefania / Alonso-Quecuty, Marisa
Perceptions of the Credibility and Evidential Value of Victim and Suspect Statements in Interviews / Baldry, Anna Costanza / Winkel, Frans Willem
Police Officers' Inadequate Impression Formation in Confrontations with Offenders as a Result of Physical Effort / Vrij, Aldert
Police Folklore and Attributions of Guilt: Can Psychology Challenge Long Held Assumptions? / Ainsworth, Peter Β.
Part 3 Judicial Decision-Making
State of Ohio v. X: Science and Strategy in the Criminal Court / McPherson, Sandra B. / Milano, Jay
Impact on Verdict of Gender Homogeneous Juries in a Case of Rape / Arce, Ramón / Fariña, Francisco / Novo, Mercedes / Real, Santiago
Judicial Decision Making: Information Processing and Judgements Given by Blind Subjects / Fuente, Emilia I. De la / García, Juan / Belmonte, José A.
Polygraphs in Criminal Justice Systems: The Effect of Different Legal Cultures on the Use of Scientific Evidence / Kampen, Petra van
The Jury Decision Rule: An Empirical Study of Four Methods / Arce, Ramón / Fariña, Francisco / Vila, Carlos / Novo, Mercedes
Juror's Decision in Capital Cases / Konečni, Vladimir
Parents Fighting for Custody of Children / Czerederecka, Alicja
Part 4 Characteristics and Therapy of Offenders
Boys' Behavioral Patterns in Kindergarten Predict Male Delinquency, Withdrawal, and School Adjustment / Tremblay, Richard E. / Haapasalo, Jaana
Assessing Loss of Self-Control in Violent Offences Committed by Juveniles / McGuire, James
Social Competence and Sociomoral Reasoning in Young Offenders / Palmer, Emma J.
Feminist Group Therapy for Women Who Self-Harm / Liebling, Helen / Chipchase, Hazel
Heterogeneity of Murders as the Fundamental Problem in the Psychological Profiling of a Perpetrator / Gierowski, Józef K. / Jaskiewicz-Obydzinska, Teresa / Szaszkiewicz, Maciej
Necrophilia: Love at Last Sight / Jaffé, Philip D.
Are Causal Theories of Paedophilia Possible? A Reconsideration of Sexual Abuse Cycles / Howitt, Dennis
Expert Psychological Opinion for the Court in Cases of Homicide under Emotional Strain in Poland / Stanik, Jan M.
The Problem of Depression's Diagnostic in Forensic and Civil Law in Women / Korolova, Evgenia V.
Part 5 Prison and Offender Research
Effects of Prison Factors on Recidivism / Boros, János
Prison Between Values and Efficiency / Petrovec, Dragan
Symbolic Patterns in Prisoners' Thinking: Imported Values and Indigenous Roles? / Huszár, László
Allowing Male Convicted Prisoners to Wear Their Own Clothes: The Psychological Effects / Marshall, Peter
A Harm Reduction Approach to the Depenalization of Drug Crime via Community Based Outpatient Treatment / McKenna, Brian / Smith, Michael
Interplay of Religion, Medicine and Prison: A Preliminary Historical Study / Girgensons, Roberts
International Benchmarking / McDougall, Cynthia / Powls, John
Training of Prison Officers for Leading Problem-Oriented Groups of Inmates / Wydra, Bernhard
Riots in the Romanian Penitentiaries after the Revolution of December 1989 / Florian, Georghe
Correctional Treatment in Portugal / Gonçalves, Rui Abrunhosa
Part 6 Crime and the Public
Terrorist Mentality / Maghan, Jess
Fear of Crime and Victimization / Kury, Helmut
The Social and Personal Influence of Positive Beliefs on Coping with Direct and Indirect Victimization / Denkers, Adriaan / Winkel, Frans Willem
Psychological Aspects of the Process of Victimization / Popolo, Juan Horacio Del / Spezia, Stella M.
Victim-Offender Mediation in the Italian Juvenile Justice System: A First Attempt of Definition / Baldry, Anna Costanza / Leo, Gaetano De / Scardaccione, Gilda
The Impact of Professional Roles on Subjective Explanations of Juvenile Delinquency / Averbeck, Mechthild / Lösel, Friedrich
Turning Heroes into Villains: The Role of Unconscious Transference in Media Crime Reporting / Ainsworth, Peter B.
Part 7 History and Perspectives of Law and Psychology
Comparing Legal Cultures: Difficulties in the Cross-Cultural Applicability of Psychological Research Results / Nijboer, Johannes F.
Recent Changes of the Hungarian Legal System and Their Psychological Impact / Bócz, Endre
The Effects of the Guarantee System of Human Rights and Legality on the Delinquents / Vókó, György
Legal Psychology in Europe: Results of a Survey / Kury, Helmut
Difficulties Experienced in Conducting Research in Forensic Psychology / Wilson, Janet Clare / Noon, Elizabeth
The Development of Hungarian Forensic Psychology / Szegedi, Márton
Subject Index
Papers presented at the 5th Conference of the European Association of Psychology and Law, held in Budapest in 1995.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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European Association of Psychology and Law. Conference 1995 : Budapest, Hungary)
Boros, János, editor.
Münnich, Iván, editor.
Szegedi, Márton, editor.
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10.1515/9783110804799 doi
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