Argumentation [electronic resource] : perspectives and approaches : proceedings of the conference on argumentation 1986 / Frans H. van Eemeren ... [et al.] (eds.).

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Dordrecht, Holland : Foris Publications, 1987, c1986.
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Conference on Argumentation (1st : 1986 : University of Amsterdam)
Studies of Argumentation in Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis
Studies of argumentation in pragmatics and discourse analysis
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Logic -- Congresses.
Persuasion (Rhetoric) -- Congresses.
Reasoning -- Congresses.
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Introduction / Eemeren, Frans Η. van / Grootendorst, Rob / Blair, J. Anthony / Willard, Charles A.
Pragmatic Approaches
1 Acts of Explanation: A Speech Act Analysis / Sbisá, Marina
2 Utterance and Commitment: A Speech Act Analysis / Benjamin, Robert L.
3 The Problem of Deixis in Argumentation / Kryk, Barbara
4 Argumentative Linguistic Analysis and Refutative Discourse / Losier, Gisèle
5 Sequences with Concessive, Adversative, and Restrictive Sentences and Clauses and The Simulation of Dialogical Argumentation Patterns in Monological Discourse / Primatarova-Miltscheva, Antoinette
6 Mood and Modality in Political Interviews / Carroll, Daniel / Simon-VandenBergen, Anne-Marie / Vandepitt, Sonia
7 Towards a Procedural Analysis of Argumentative Operators in Texts / Lundquist, Lita
8 Identifying Argumentation Schemes / Eemeren, Frans Η. van / Kruiger, Tjark
9 Negotiating Consensus in Discourse Interaction Schemata / Komlósi, László I. / Knipf, Elisabeth
Conversational Approaches
10 Evaluating Definitions of Argument: Expert and Naive / Allen, Mike / Burrell, Nancy / Mineo, Paul
11 Argumentation and Persuasion / Gnamuš, Olga Kunst
12 Arguer Goals and the Termination of Dialogical Arguments / Maat, Henk Pander
13 Common Argumentation and Group Identity / Schwitalla, Johannes
14 On the Impact of Involvement: The Expressive Encoding of Value Judgements and the Projection of Agreement in the Context of Conversation / Bax, Marcel M.H.
15 Confrontation in Conversations. An Approach of Conversational Discussions Based on the Theory of Van Eemeren and Grootendorst and on Conversational-Analytical Insights of Jackson and Jacobs / Verbiest, Agnes
16 Orientation to Face in Everyday Argument / Benoit, Pamela J.
Cognitive and Empirical Approaches
17 Deductive Reasoning Ability, Error, and Education / Brandon, E.P.
18 Applications of Abstraction in Argumentation / Ditmarsch, H.P. van
19 Towards a Psycholinguistic Approach of Argumentative Operators: The 'Thinking Aloud' Procedure / Caron, Jean / Caron-Pargue, Josiane
20 The Art of Moving and the Art of Proving / Dascal, Marcelo / Dascal, Varda / Landau, Erika
21 Some Remarks on the Development of Argumentation / Völzing, Paul-Ludwig
22 A Pragmatic Perspective for Investigating Reason Giving Across Ages and Situations / Willbrand, Mary Louise
23 Interactional and Non-Interactional Perspectives on Interpersonal Argument: Implications for the Study of Group Decision-Making / Meyers, Renee A. / Seibold, David R.
24 Argument Fields and Forms of Argument in Natural Language / Benoit, William L / Lindsey, James J.
25 The Judgment Phase of Invention / Hample, Dale / Dallinger, Judith M.
Rhetorical Perspectives
26 The Relationship between Argument and Evidence in Aristotle's Rhetoric / Brandes, Paul D.
27 Ethotetic Argument: Some Uses / Brinton, Alan
28 Stasis, Good Reasons, and the Small Group / Prelli, Lawrence J. / Pace, Roger
29 Rhetoric and the Theory of Argumentation / Alexandrova, Donka
30 Logic and Rhetoric: Groundwork for a Synthesis / Tindale, Christopher / Groarke, Leo
31 How to make a Paradox out of Something Lacking Paradoxical Qualifications - With Examples / Rossetti, Livio
32 Some Questions about the Rhetorical Analysis of Literary Texts / Varga, A. Kibédi
33 Psychoanalysis and Classical Rhetoric / Zwaal, Peter van der
Epistemological Perspectives
34 Is There an Epistemic Theophrastean Rule for Actual Arguments? / Caton, Charles E.
35 In Defense of Relativism: Rescuing Incommensurability from the Self- Excepting Fallacy / Fuller, Steve / Willard, Charles
36 Argumentation in Proof / Gasser, James
37 Toulmin's Theory and the Dynamics of Argumentation / Wohlrapp, Harald
38 'The Rules of Argumentation Aren't Valid for Me'... Either! An Additional Refutation of Wolfgang Kuhlmann's Attempted Transcendental-Pragmatic Final-Grounding of Ethics and Epistemology / Fusfield, William D.
39 The First Copernican: Rational Conversion as a Model for Scientific Change / Gross, Alan G.
40 Rationality, Cognitive Science, and the Theory of Argumentation / Furlong, John
41 The External Justification of a Dialectical Consensus / Hoven, P.J. van den
42 Reason and the Theory of Argument / Weinstein, Mark L.
43 The Self-Corrective Process of Learning / Murnion, William E.
44 The Implicit Teleology of Human Communication and Experience / Astroh, Michael
45 Argumentation and Dialectical Logic / Gutenberg, Norbert
Formal Perspectives
46 Logical and Non-Logical Foundations of Argumentation / Apothéloz, Denis
47 Dilemmas of the Inductive/Deductive Distinction / Nolt, John E.
48 Dialectical Arguments, Matters of Degree, and Paraconsistent Logic / Peña, Lorenzo
49 Interactive Argumentation: Ideal and Real / Hirsch, Richard
50 Inference Rules for Generalized Quantifiers / Brown, Mark A.
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Eemeren, F. H. van (Frans Hendrik), 1946-
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