Taming technology [electronic resource] : the narrative anchor reconciling time, territory and technology in geoinformation infrastructures / Henk Koerten.

Koerten, Hank.
Amsterdam : IOS Press, 2011.
1 online resource (263 p.)
Geographic information systems.
Technological innovations.
Electronic books.
It is often assumed that innovative technology is an essential resource for the establishment of an information infrastructure. This study on geoinformation infrastructures convincingly demonstrates that technology is an important and far more complex factor than much geoinformation practitioners want us to believe. Three Dutch cases were studied, of which two were intended to develop an infrastructure deliberately applying innovative technology. Due to a constant stream of innovations these cases failed to bring about a working infrastructure. The third case was aimed at establishing a system
Title Page; Contents; Starting a new job; Entering a new world; Research focus; Outline; The Roman surveyor and the Greek geodesist: lively archetypes in Dutch NSDI; The Roman cadastral surveyor; The Greek archetype: the scientific geodesist; The geodesist: the surveyor shaping concepts of geoinformation sharing; Up close with a distant view: developing a paradigm; Introduction; Rationalisation, bureaucracy and managerial thinking; Anthropology: an exploratory perspective; Towards an approach for this research; Trying to understand: towards a narrative approach; Introduction
The origins of interpretive researchDeveloping narrative basic concepts; Towards a narrative approach for this research; Conclusion; How did he do it? Some notes on methodology; Introduction; Ethnography: a multi-coloured phenomenon; Connecting theory with research: guiding concepts; Setting things in motion: how I established a relationship with field; Ethnography as communication; Conclusion; Geoportals: trying to tackle tempting technology; Introduction; Getting Geoportals started; Attempting to reduce uncertainty; Towards judgement day
Case analysis: Geoportals becomes an innovation-generating deviceConclusion: Geoportals is not a stand-alone case; Nationaal Clearinghouse Geoinformatie: repetitive rhythmicity; Introduction; The SAG initiative pre-structuring NCGI; Follow the dream: the Idefix prototype; Letting it go: an institutionalised Idefix as a basis for NCGI; Going astray commercially; Management back behind the wheel: Ruimte voor Geoinformatie; Geoportals project as an enabler for a new future for NCGI; Case analysis: chasing technology while forgetting to organise; Conclusion: Geoportals and NCGI in a new light
Large-scale base maps and GBKN: It takes three to tangoIntroduction; Initiation (1968-1975); Initial steps towards realisation: rural versus urban interests (1975-1985); GBKN moves towards stagnation (1985-1992); After the turnaround (1992-2000); Gaining recognition (2000-2010); Conclusion: GBKN as an act of balancing interests; Analysis: narrative storyboards as the key to understanding; Introduction; Narrative storyboards for analysis; The narrative construction of geospatial infrastructure; The infrastructural qualities of clearinghouse and geoportals
Large-scale mapping becomes an infrastructure through GBKNBuilding Geoinformation Infrastructures: two contrasting approaches; Conclusion: a narrative anchor is distictive for information infrastructures; Conclusions for practitioners and scientists; Introduction; Narrative analysis as an approach to investigating geoinformation-sharing; Changing concepts and steady storyboards of geoinformation-sharing; The narrative setting and time; The narrative setting and teritory; The narrative setting and technology; The narrative spaces in geoinformation-sharing; Geoinformation-sharing in a new light
Stepping out of the outside perspective: lessons for the future
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