Perspectives [electronic resource].

2nd ed.
London ; New York : Falmer Press, 1990.
The Study of primary education: a source book ; 1
1 online resource (456 p.)
Education, Elementary.
Education, Elementary -- Great Britain.
Electronic books.
These books were compiled to help the professional development of primary school teachers, and represent wholly enlarged, updated and revised editions of the three primary source books published by Falmer Press in 1985.
Book Cover; Title; Contents; General Introduction; Compilers' Notes; Acknowledgments; Primary Education: Historical Perspectives; Introduction; Three Traditions in English Primary Education (From Blyth, W., 1965, English Primary Education, Vol. 2, Routledge and Kegan Paul); The Evolution of the Primary School (From Galton, M., Simon, B. and Croll, P., 1980, Inside the Primary Classroom, Routledge and Kegan Paul); A Proposal to Establish Primary and Post-Primary Education (From The Hadow Report, 1926, The Education of the Adolescent, HMSO)
Primary Education: A New Vision (From The Hadow Report, 1931, Report of the Consultative Committee on the Primary School, HMSO)Infant Education: The Orthodox View Repeated (From The Hadow Report, 1933, Report of the Consultative Committee on Infant and Nursery Schools, HMSO); A Rationale for Infant and Junior Education (From Board of Education, 1937, Handbook of Suggestions for Teachers, HMSO); The Formal Establishment of Primary Education (From the Education Act, 1944)
A Report of Progress (From Central Advisory Council for Education (England), 1967, Children and Their Primary Schools, HMSO)Progress Refuted: The Black Papers (From Cox, C. and Dyson, A. (Eds) 1969, Fight for Education, Critical Quarterly Society, and 1970, Black Paper Three, Critical Quarterly Society); The William Tyndale Affair: A Cause Celbre (From Gretton, J. and Jackson, M., 1976, William Tyndale: Collapse of a School or a System?, Allen and Unwin); Public Debate and Official Response (From DES, 1977, Education in Schools: A Consultative Document, HMSO)
A Brief Professional Appraisal (From DES, 1978, Primary Education in England, HMSO)'Demythologising' Primary Education (From Richards, C., 1980, 'Demythologising primary education', Journal of Curriculum Studies, 12, 1); Achievement in Primary Schools (From the Third Report of the Education, Science and Arts Committee of the House of Commons, 1986, Achievement in Primary Schools, HMSO); Primary Education: Evaluation and Assessment (From Bolton, E.J., 1985, 'Assessment techniques and approaches: An overview', in Better Schools: Evaluation and Appraisal, HMSO)
Towards a National Curriculum (From DES, 1987, The National Curriculum 5 16: A Consultation Document, HMSO)Primary Education: Contrasting Views; Introduction; Liberal Romanticism; Informal Primary Education in Action: Teachers' Accounts (From Nias, D.J., 1988, in Blyth, A. (Ed.) Informal Primary Education Today: Essays and Studies, Falmer Press); Criteria of a Good Primary School (From Griffin-Beale, C. (Ed.) 1979, Christian Schiller; in His Own Words, Black)
'A Recognisable Philosophy of Education' (From Central Advisory Council for Education (England), 1967, Children and Their Primary Schools, Vol. 1, HMSO)
First edition compiled by Colin Richards and others.
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
Connor, Colin.
Lofthouse, Brenda.
Southworth, Geoff.
Dadds, Marion.
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