Language and linguistics [electronic resource] : emerging trends / Cynthia R. Dreyer, editor.

New York : Nova Science Publishers, c2009.
1 online resource (296 p.)
Language and languages.
Electronic books.
""Language and Linguistics: Emerging Trends""; ""Contents""; ""Preface""; ""As the Call, so the Echo: Proverbs as Cues to Cultural Knowledge and Language Change""; ""Abstract""; ""Introduction""; ""What Is a Proverb?""; ""Why Use Metaphysical Wisdom?""; ""Why Is It Important to Study Proverbs?""; ""Research Design""; ""Results""; ""Conclusion""; ""References""; ""Specifying Coordination An Investigation into the Syntax of Dislocation, Extraposition and Parenthesis""; ""Abstract""; ""1. Introduction""; ""2. A Typology of Coordinators in English and Dutch""
""3. Specifying Coordination at Various Levels""""4. Non-Restrictive Construal and Secondary Propositions""; ""5. Anchored Parentheses""; ""6. Left-Dislocation and Discourse-Anchoring""; ""7. Parentheses: An Overview""; ""Conclusion""; ""Acknowledgments""; ""References""; ""Learner Perception and Strategies for Pragmatic Acquisition: A Glimpse into Online Learning Materials""; ""Abstract""; ""Introduction""; ""Relevant Background Information""; ""Methodology""; ""Findings""; ""Suggestions for Future Research""; ""Conclusion""; ""References""
""""Best Success Through Language Loss?"" An Incipient Austrian Sociolinguistic Study on Open Questions in Education and Migration Research""""Abstract""; ""1. Introduction""; ""2. State of The Art - With Special Consideration of the Austrian Situation""; ""3. Preparatory Work for the Incipient Study: An Explorative Investigation""; ""4. Incipient Study - Theoretical Framework""; ""5. Incipient Study - Aims of Analysis""; ""6. Incipient Study - Methods""; ""Conclusion""; ""References""; ""A Contribution to the Study of Russian Euphemistic Youth Slang""; ""Abstract""; ""Introduction""
""1. Pregnancy and Abortion""""2. Contraception""; ""3. Copulation""; ""4. Erection""; ""5. Expletives""; ""6. Group Sex""; ""7. Homosexuality""; ""8. Masturbation and Menstruation""; ""9. Oral Sex and Orgasm""; ""10. Penis""; ""11. Prostitute""; ""12. Virgin and Vulva/Vagina""; ""13. Backside and Anal Sex""; ""14. Lavatorial Matters and Vomitting""; ""Conclusion""; ""Notes""; ""References""; ""What Do We Learn on Language Acquisition from Williams Syndrome?""; ""Abstract""; ""Introduction""; ""1. Language Abilities of Individuals with WS""; ""2. The Development of the Language Skills""
""Conclusion""""References""; ""The Need for Explicit Inferential Methods in Linguistics""; ""Abstract""; ""1. Introduction""; ""2. The Inferential Situation in Contemporary Linguistics""; ""3. The Need for Explicit Inferential Methods""; ""4. The Conservative Backlash""; ""Conclusion""; ""References""; ""'Doing' Disciplinary Power: Manager-Subordinate Interaction in a Staff Meeting""; ""Abstract""; ""Introduction""; ""Methods""; ""The Data""; ""Analysis""; ""Conclusion""; ""Appendix 1. Transcript Conventions Used""; ""Appendix 2. Complete Transcript""; ""References""
""Simulation Tasks: Can EFL Learners Interact as Effectively with Each Other as They Can with Native Speakers?""
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Dreyer, Cynthia R.
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