Iran's influence [electronic resource] : a religious-political state and society in its region / Elaheh Rostami-Povey.

Rostami-Povey, Elaheh.
London : Zed Books, 2010.
1 online resource (278 p.)

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Iran -- Politics and government.
Iran -- Foreign relations.
Iran -- Civilization.
Iran -- Religion.
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There is a saying in Arabic: me and my brother against my cousin, and me and my cousin against the outsider. Iran's Influence is the first comprehensive analysis of the role that Iran plays in Middle Eastern and global politics. Expert Iranian author Elaheh Rostami-Povey provides a fascinating introduction to one of the Middle East's most controversial and misunderstood countries. Based on several years of original research carried out both in Iran and across the region, this insightful guide presents essential new ideas to help the reader understand the Middle East.
About the Author; Preface and acknowledgements; Glossary; Introduction; The internal dynamics of Iran; Grassroots democracy in Iran; Perception of Iran's foreign policy in the Middle East; The rise of Islamisms in the region; Change in political Islam; The organisation of this book; 1 The legacy of a revolution; Tensions within the revolutionary movement; The revolutionary period, 1979-80; The Iran-Iraq war, 1980-88; The nature of the Islamic state; 2 The reformers, the conservatives and the struggle for democracy; The reform movement; The democracy movement
The 2009-10 uprisings and the Green Movement3 Islamist modernists; The Sunni-Shi'a divide; Iran and the Islamic empire; The Shi'a rise to power; The marginalisation of Shi'a clergy in the twentieth century; 'Religious new thinkers' and the challenge to the rule of clergy; 4 The relationship between Iran, Lebanon and Hezbollah; The emergence of Hezbollah; Hezbollah's participation in electoral politics; The provision of resources by Hezbollah; Iran's relationship with Hezbollah; Israel's wars on Lebanon strengthen Iran's position; 5 The relationship between Iran and Iraq
The war with Iran, the invasion of Kuwait, sanctions and the fall of Saddam HusseinChanges in the Shi'a-Sunni balance of state power; The US occupation of Iraq strengthens Iran's position; Criticisms of the role of Iran; 6 The relationship between Iran, Palestine and Hamas; The emergence of Hamas; Hamas participation in electoral politics; The provision of resources by Hamas; Israeli wars unite Palestinians against Israel; Israel's policies strengthen Iran and Hamas; Iran's relationship with Hamas; Hamas in power; 7 The relationship between Iran and Egypt; Iran and Egypt
The rise of the IslamistsIslamist women's rights activism; The provision of resources by Islamists; The Muslim Brotherhood and electoral politics; The client state of the West strengthens Islamists; Iran's popularity in Egypt; 8 The global context of Iranian state and society; 'You are either with us or with the terrorists'; War on Iran; The decline of American hegemony; Notes; References; Index
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