Under the spell of Landau [electronic resource] : when theoretical physics was shaping destinies / editor, M. Shifman.

Singapore ; Hackensack, N.J. : World Scientific, 2013.
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Physics -- Study and teaching.
Landau, L. D. (Lev Davidovich), 1908-1968.
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This invaluable collection of memoirs and reviews on scientific activities of the most prominent theoretical physicists belonging to the Landau School - Landau, Anselm, Gribov, Zeldovich, Kirzhnits, Migdal, Ter-Martirosyan and Larkin - are being published in English for the first time.The main goal is to acquaint readers with the life and work of outstanding Soviet physicists who, to a large extent, shaped theoretical physics in the 1950s-70s. Many intriguing details have remained unknown beyond the "Iron Curtain" which was dismantled only with the fall of the USSR.
CONTENTS; From the Editor M. Shifman; Acknowledgments; PART I; Chapter 1: Lev Landau; Lev Davidovich Landau Boris Ioffe; Landau's Theoretical Minimum; Landau's Seminar; Stories of the Creation of Some Works; Landau's Personality; The Leaflet; References; Landau as I Knew Him S. S. Gershtein; An "Ardent Communist"; Landau as I Knew Him; References; Chapter 2: Arkady Migdal; Arkady Benediktovich Migdal N. O. Agasyan, S. T. Belyayev, L. B. Okun, and E. E. Sapershtein; Remembering AB S. T. Belyayev; A. B. Migdal in My Life Anatoly Larkin; LAST CONVERSATION; WHAT MIGDAL LOVED
Memories of A. B. Migdal V. A. KhodelMemories of AB V. G. Vaks; Grand Master Alexander Polyakov; Chapter 3: Yakov Zeldovich; On the Path Towards Universal Weak Interaction S. S. Gershtein; Afterword 1993; Afterword 2006; A Simple Love Story Anna Shiryaeva; Mother and Father; "Scat" and the Family Name; Brothers and Sisters, Children and Grandchildren; Chapter 4: Yakov Smorodinsky; Yakov Abramovich Smorodinsky Noemi Smorodinskaya; Yakov Abramovich Smorodinsky at Leningrad State University I. V. Komarov; References
About Hydrotechnical Laboratory, Professor Smorodinsky, and Nucleon-Nucleon Scattering R. M. RyndinRemembering Yakov Abramovich Smorodinsky F. Calogero; References; Remembering Yakov Abramovich A. Frenkel; Yakov Abramovich Smorodinsky and His Influence on My Life P. Winternitz; References; Yakov Abramovich as I Remember Him Julia Nyıri; References; About Yakov Abramovich Pal Nyıri; Chapter 5: Karen Ter-Martirosyan; Karen Avetovich Ter-Martirosyan; Karen Avetovich M. Shifman; Reference; K. A. Ter-Martirosyan as I Remember Him A. V. Smilga; Memories of Karen Avetovich Roman Nevzorov
A Few Lines about Karen Noemi SmorodinskayaChapter 6: David Kirzhnits; David Abramovich Kirzhnits B. M. Bolotovsky, Yu. M. Bruk, V. L. Ginzburg, V. I. Ritus, and G. V. Shpatakovskaya; Memoirs David Kirzhnits; A little about my parents; Where the city of Chelyabinsk-40 will rise; Extension school; The "Collective Farmer" radio; German radio; Conversations by the radio; The Thirties; The East Ural Radioactive Trace; Memories of David Kirzhnits B. M. Bolotovsky; David Abramovich A. D. Linde; Chapter 7: Vladimir Gribov; Vladimir Naumovich Gribov: Introduction; Vladimir Naumovich Gribov A. Frenkel
V. N. Gribov: 1930-1997 Yuri DokshitzerReference; On V. N. Gribov B. L. Ioffe; In Memory of a Friend S. S. Gershtein; Chapter 8: Anatoly Larkin; Anatoly Ivanovich Larkin; References; My Brother Tolya Alexander I. Larkin; Tolya's Parents and Teachers; Tolya's remarks and jokes; Remarks of his students, friends, and colleagues; Our joint work began; Larkin-Fest; Anatoly Larkin's talk at Larkin-Fest; Albert Schmid. Anatoly Larkin's Poster; Sources; Glimpses of Tolya Larkin V. G. Vaks; A Student's Memories Yuri Ovchinnikov; He Lived Among Us V. L. Pokrovsky; References
Remembering Larkin Andrei Varlamov
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Shifman, M.
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