Mathematical modeling in systems biology [electronic resource] : an introduction / Brian P. Ingalls.

Ingalls, Brian P., 1974-
Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, 2013.
1 online resource (423 p.)
Biological control systems.
Control theory.
Electronic books.
An introduction to the mathematical concepts and techniques needed for the construction and analysis of models in molecular systems biology.
Contents; Preface; 1 Introduction; 1.1 Systems Biology and Synthetic Biology; 1.2 What Is a Dynamic Mathematical Model?; 1.3 Why Are Dynamic Mathematical Models Needed?; 1.4 How Are Dynamic Mathematical Models Used?; 1.5 Basic Features of Dynamic Mathematical Models; 1.6 Dynamic Mathematical Models in Molecular Cell Biology; 1.7 Suggestions for Further Reading; 2 Modeling of Chemical Reaction Networks; 2.1 Chemical Reaction Networks; 2.2 Separation of Timescales and Model Reduction; 2.3 Suggestions for Further Reading; 2.4 Problem Set; 3 Biochemical Kinetics; 3.1 Enzyme Kinetics
3.2 Regulation of Enzyme Activity3.3 Cooperativity; 3.4 Compartmental Modeling and Transport; 3.5* Generalized Mass Action and S-System Modeling; 3.6 Suggestions for Further Reading; 3.7 Problem Set; 4 Analysis of Dynamic Mathematical Models; 4.1 Phase Plane Analysis; 4.2 Stability; 4.3 Limit-Cycle Oscillations; 4.4 Bifurcation Analysis; 4.5 Sensitivity Analysis; 4.6* Parameter Fitting; 4.7 Suggestions for Further Reading; 4.8 Problem Set; 5 Metabolic Networks; 5.1 Modeling of Metabolism; 5.2 Metabolic Pathways; 5.3 Modeling of Metabolic Networks; 5.4* Stoichiometric Network Analysis
5.5 Suggestions for Further Reading5.6 Problem Set; 6 Signal Transduction Pathways; 6.1 Signal Amplification; 6.2 Ultrasensitivity; 6.3 Adaptation; 6.4 Memory and Irreversible Decision-Making; 6.5 Frequency Encoding; 6.6* Frequency Response Analysis; 6.7 Suggestions for Further Reading; 6.8 Problem Set; 7 Gene Regulatory Networks; 7.1 Modeling of Gene Expression; 7.2 Genetic Switches; 7.3 Oscillatory Gene Networks; 7.4 Cell-to-Cell Communication; 7.5 Computation by Gene Regulatory Networks; 7.6* Stochastic Modeling of Biochemical and Genetic Networks; 7.7 Suggestions for Further Reading
7.8 Problem Set8 Electrophysiology; 8.1 Membrane Potential; 8.2 Excitable Membranes; 8.3 Intercellular Communication; 8.4* Spatial Modeling; 8.5 Suggestions for Further Reading; 8.6 Problem Set; Appendix A: Molecular Cell Biology; Appendix B: Mathematical Fundamentals; Appendix C: Computational Software; Bibliography; Index
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