Cancer stem cells / editor, Vinagolu K. Rajasekhar.

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Cancer stem cells (2014)
Hoboken, New Jersey : John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2014.
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Neoplastic Stem Cells.
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"Cancer Stem Cells covers a wide range of topics in cancer stem cell biology, including the functional characteristics of cancer stem cells and how they're generated, where they are localized, the means by which cancer stem cells can be targeted, and how cancer stem cells can be reprogrammed back to normal tissue stem cells. Each chapter begins with a brief historical note and concept summary, followed by a description of the latest basic or clinical advance associated with the topic.Cancer Stem Cells builds systematically from coverage of the basic research stage to an advanced research level, from clinical relevance to therapeutic potential, and will be a valuable resource for professionals in the fields of cancer research and stem cell biology"--Provided by publisher.
Machine generated contents note: 1. Cancer Stem Cells - From Identification To IsolationEvolution of Cancer Stem Cell Concept / V.K. Rajasekhar and Piero Dalerba
MSKCC Epiblast/Germ Line/ Trophoblastic theory of cancer development / Mariusz Z. Ratajczak
Epithelial Metaplasia-neoplastic transformation / Philippe Delvenne
Chromothrepsis-Role in Cancer and stem Cells / Peter Campbell
Cell of Origin in Cancers / Jane E Visvader
Tumor heterogeneity and correlation to cancer stem cell content / Piero Paolo Di Fiore
Hypoxic gradients and stem cell distribution and role in cancers / Francesca Pistollato
Critique on cancer stem cells / Brent A Reynolds and M. Rahman Brent
Methods in cancer stem cells / V. K. Rajasekhar and Malcolm Moore2. Stemness and Cancer stromaCancer stem cells and Microenvironment / Pradip Roy-Burman
Reciprocal activation of cancer cells and cancer stroma-stimulation of stemness / Paola Chiarugi
Cancer stem cells in organ cancersAML / Craig Jordon and Christopher Park
Basal Cell Carcinoma K. Sellheyer
Bladder Cancer / N.P. Mongan Cornell Medical School
Brain Cancer / Jeremy Rich
Breast Cancer / Michael Clarke
Chronic Myeloid Leukemia / Michael Deininger and Brian Druker
Colon Cancer / John DickGastric Cancer / Deborah Gumucio
Leukemia / John E. Dick
Lung Cancer / Carla KimOvarian cancer / Malcolm Moore
Prostate cancer / Owen Witte and Michael Shen
Reprogramming and Cancer Stem CellsCancer stem cell generation in vitro / Paola Scaffidi
Reprogramming of cancer cells / Jia-Lin Lee
Factors in reprogramming of cancer cells / Masaki Mori and Hideshi Ishii Sarcoma /Breast/Prostate / gor MatushanskyMet /Paolo M. Comoglio and Livio TrusolinoNanog DG. Tang , Jianwu DaiMYC, M. C. Simon BMI-1, Owen WitteLGR5, Masaki Mori5
Clinical Relevance and Minimal Residual DiseaseOncogene relevance in cancer stem cells / Isido Sanchez-Garcia GarciaRationale and Strategies of therapeutic targeting of Cancer stem cells / Ruggero De Matia
Stem cells as emerging platform for antibody therapy / Karen Aboody and Richard Frank
Mesenchymal stem cells-Chemotherapy resistence / Emile Voest
Stem Cells and therapeutic guidance in cancers / Emile VoestAcute Myeloid Leukemia / Rajendra Majeti
Breast Cancer / Max Wicha and Gabriella Dontu
University of MichiganChronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) / Michael Deininger and Brian Druker
Colorectal Cancer / Eduard Batlledel(5q)
Myelodysplasia / Sten Eirik Jacobsen
Prostate Cancer / V.K. RajasekharPediatric Brain Cancer / Richard Gilbertson
Rectal Cancer / Markus Frank.
Includes index.
Includes bibliographical references at the end of each chapters and index.
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Rajasekhar, Vinagolu K.
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