The evolution of language [electronic resource] : proceedings of the 6th international conference (EVOLANG6) , Rome, Italy, 12-15 April 2006 / editors Angelo Cangelosi , Andrew D. M. Smith & Kenny Smith.

Singapore ; New Jersey : World Scientific, c2006.
1 online resource (xii, 462 p. ) ill.
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International Conference on the Evolution of Language (6th : 2006 : Rome, Italy)
International Conference on the Evolution of Language.

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Historical linguistics.
Language and languages -- Origin -- Congresses.
Electronic books.
pt. I. Papers. The mirror system hypothesis: from a macaque-like mirror system to imitation / Michael A. Arbib, James Bonaiuto & Edina Rosta. Bootstrapping communication in language games: strategy, topology and all that / Andrea Baronchelli ... [et al.]. Language learning, power laws, and sexual selection / Ted Briscoe. The Baldwin effect works for functional, but not arbitrary, features of language / Morten H. Christiansen, Florencia Reali & Nick Chater. On the emergence of compositionality / Joachim de Beule & Benjamin K. Bergen. Towards a fixed word order in a society of agents: a data-driven baseline perspective / Guy de Pauw. Simulation model for the evolution of language with spatial topology / Cecilia Di Chio & Paolo Di Chio. Mostly out of Africa, but what did the others have to say? / Dan Dediu. A comparison of the articulatory parameters involved in the production of sound of Bonobos and modern humans / Didier Demolin & Veronique Delvaux. Generalised signalling: a possible solution to the paradox of language / Jean-Louis Dessalles. Innateness and culture in the evolution of language / Mike Dowman, Simon Kirby & Thomas L. Griffiths. Early human language was isolating-monocategorial-associational / David Gil. Computational simulation on the coevolution of compositionality and regularity / Tao Gong, James W. Minett & William S.-Y. Wang. An epistemological inquiry into the "what is language" question and the "what did language evolve for" question / Nathalie Gontier. Minimalist foundations of language evolution: on the question of why language is the way it is / Wolfram Hinzen. Why has ambiguous syntax emerged? / Stefan Hoefler. Proto-propositions / James R. Hurford. Convex meanings and evolutionary stability / Gerhard Jager. Natural-language "cheap talk" enables coordination on a social-dilemma game in a culturally homogeneous population / Mark Jeffreys. Constraining the time when language evolved / Sverker Johansson. Working backwards from modern language to proto-grammar / Sverker Johansson. Language co-evolved with the rule of law / Chris Knight. A saltationist approach for the evolution of human cognition and language / Susan J. Lanyon. Interaction of developmental and evolutionary processes in the emergence of spoken language / John L. Locke. Labels facilitate learning of novel categories / Gary Lupyan. Emergence of communication in teams of embodied and situated agents / Davide Morocco & Stefano Nolfi. A language emergence model predicts word order bias / James W. Minett, Tao Gong & William S-Y. Wang. Talking to oneself as a selective pressure for the emergence of language / Marco Mirolli & Domenico Parisi. Learning models for language acquisition / Shashi Mittal & Harish Karnick. Simulating the evolutionary emergence of language: a research agenda / Domenico Parisi. Evolving the narrow language faculty: was recursion the pivotal step? / Anna R. Parker. From mouth to hand / Dennis Philps. Diffusion of genes and languages in human evolution / Alberto Piazza & Luigi Cavalli Sforza. Differences and similarities between the natural gestural communication of the great apes and human children / Simone Pika & Katja Liebal. The evolution of language as a precursor to the evolution of morality / Joseph Poulshock. Modelling the transition to learned communication: an initial investigation into the ecological conditions favouring cultural transmission / Graham Ritchie & Simon Kirby. Towards a spatial language for mobile robots / Ruth Schulz ... [et al.]. Why talk? speaking as selfish behaviour / Thom Scott-Philips. Semantic reconstructibility and the complexification of language / Andrew D. M. Smith. The protolanguage debate: bridging the gap? / Kenny Smith. How to do experiments in artificial language evolution and why / Luc Steels. The implications of bilingualism and multilingualism for potential evolved language mechanisms / Daniel A. Sternberg & Morten H. Christiansen. Selection dynamics in language form and language meaning / Monica Tamariz. A statistical analysis of language evolution / Marco Turchi & Nello Cristianini. Evolutionary games and semantic universals / Robert van Rooij. Overextensions and the emergence of compositionality / Paul Vogt. Grammaticalisation and evolution / Henk Zeevat. Stages in the Evolution and Development of Sign Use (SEDSU) / Jordan Zlatev & The SEDSU project
pt. II. Abstracts. Alarm calls and organised imperatives in male putty-nosed monkeys / Kate Arnold & Klaus Zuberbuhler. Perception acquisition as the causes for transition patterns in phonological evolution / Ching-Pong Au. The evolution of syntactic capacity from navigational ability / Mark Bartlett & Dimitar Kazakov. The subtle interplay between language and category acquisition and how it explains the universality of colour categories / Tony Belpaeme & Joris Bleys. The evolution of meaningful combinatoriality / Jill Bowie. The adaptive advantages of knowledge transmission / Joanna J. Bryson. Determining signaler intentions; use of multiple gestures in captive Bornean Orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus) / Erica Cartmill & Richard Byrne. Nuclear schizophrenic symptoms as the key to the origins of language / Timothy J. Crow. Articulator constraints and the descended larynx / Bart de Boer. Evolutionary support for a procedural semantics for generalised quantifiers / Samson Tikitu de Jager. The evolution of spoken language: a comparative approach / W. Tecumseh Fitch. Allee effect on language evolution / Jose F. Fontanari & Leonid I. Perlovksy. Rapidity of fading and the emergence of duality of patterning / Bruno Galantucci, Theo Rhodes & Christian Kroos. Reconsidering Kirby's compositionality model towards modelling grammaticalisation / Takashi Hashimoto & Masaya Nakatsuka. The interrelated evolutions of colour vision, colour and colour terms / David J. C. Hawkey. A little bit more, a lot better: language emergence from quantitative to qualitative change / Jinyun Ke, Christophe Coupe & Tao Gong. Major transitions in the evolution of language / Simon Kirby. Modelling unidirectionality in semantic change / Frank Landsbergen. The origin of music and its linguistic significance for modern humans / Steven Mithen. Co-evolution of language and behaviour in autonomous robots / Sara Mitri & Paul Vogt. Iconic versus arbitrary mappings and the cultural transmission of language / Padraic Monaghan & Morten H. Christiansen. Mother Tongue: concominant replacement of language and MtDNA in South Caspian populations of Iran / Ivan Nasidze & Mark Stoneking. What can grammaticalization tell us about the origins of language? / Frederick J. Newmeyer. Bootstrapping shared combinatorial speech codes from basic imitation: the role of self-organization / Pierre-Yves Oudeyer. How language can guide intelligence / Leonid I. Perlovsky & Jose F. Fontanari. The roles of segmentation ability in language evolution / Kazutoshi Sasahara, Bjorn Merker & Kazuo Okanoya. Primate social cognition and the cognitive precursors of language / Robert Seyfarth & Dorothy Cheney. Agonistic screams in wild chimpanzees: candidates for functionally referential signals / Katie Slocombe & Klaus Zuberbuhler. An individual-based mechanism for adaptive semantic change / Daniel W. Smith. A holistic protolanguage cannot be stored, cannot be retrieved / Maggie Tallerman. Recombinance in the evolution of language / Leonard Talmy. Ape gestures and human language / Michael Tomasello. Prehistoric handedness: some hard evidence / Natalie Uomini. Lateralization of intentional gestures in non human primates: baboons communicate with their right hand / Jacques Vauclair & Adrien Meguerditchian. Emergence of grammar as revealed by visual imprinting in newly-hatched chicks / Elisabetta Versace, Lucia Regolin & Giorgio Vallortigara. Beyond the argument from design / Willem Zuidema and Timothy O'Donnell.
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